Why I want to join V2

Hey guys, irrelevant guy here! And today I want to talk about why I decided to not only join the forums but also why I’d like to join V2 and what are my goals. Right off the start, thank you for reading this and also do the same in the comments section(share ur goals and reasons to join V2) if you want to. Btw this is ranked most to less important for me (exept 2 and 3, they’re equal).

So lets start with the reasons:

  1. Video skills

So yeah like a lot of you, I’m gonna make video skits. And to be honest I’m not Casey Neistat and could get a little bit… No, a lot of amelioration on my videos( ideas, production, editing etc). I know that V2 is the right place for that because its a quick way to do it. The more videos I do, the better I will get in a short amount of time. The reason why I wanna get better at making videos is because I wanna re-launch my youtube channel that I abandonned and I want to have a comeback with better and improved videos.


Yeah so I’m gonna be honest with you… I want to have followers. I dont want to be one of those person to say that they dont care about having followers when they do. I WANT followers. When I go back on YouTube I want to have at least a small group of people to know me so it can boost my channel. That would be very great, especially with the algorythm.

  1. Make others laugh

Since I was young I loved to make people laugh and I always wanted to make videos. So when you combine the two of them, V2 fits almost perfectly. I just love to do it. Either in person or online, although in person is way better because you actually see the person’s reaction.

  1. Make friends

As a content creator, I never had friends that actually made videos or even knew someone that did. If I find myself in a community of video makers and hopefully become friends with someone or a lot of people that would be awesome.

  1. Money

Yyyyyyyeeeeaaaaaahhhhh… I know that it’s frowned upon but again, I just hate to be that person to hide and say that they’re not doing this for the money when they are. I mean come on, if you really like doing something AND you can get paid for it why say no?

  1. Laugh and memes

Honestly Vine was so good at making me laugh and sometimes make me cool down when I was stressed out. It contained so many memes that were hilarious. The platform’s videos were just so memorable and funny.

So that were my reasons now lets check out my goals. Some of them are very big and sound crazy but I have faith in myself. If I dont accomplish them all I wont get mad or sad, they’re just goals for fun:

1.Get at least 3 million followers

Like I said before I want to have followers so that I can go back to youtube with a small amount of people already knowing me. Also I dont like to make content when there is no one watching.

  1. Reach 800 million loops

This goal will only count if it the loops feature work the same way they did on Vine. Why 800 million? Because under is too low and over is too much.

  1. Have at least 1000 posts

Yep, I want to be commited. I dont expect to get 3 million followers only by posting once a week.

So those were my goals and reasons to join V2. If you read 'till the end, then thank you(I’m still wondering why tho). And see you l8er.


I want to join vine because 1. the people are great.
2. the vines are absolutely hilarious
3. the followers
4. to hopefully make someone smile
5. be a role model for people to look up to, because I used to look up to people. I want to be a good role model for them.


I like your goals, atleast your honest abt wanting fame and stuff, I like that :joy::joy::grimacing::grimacing::grin::grin:


I’d def want the fame. Only cus I realised, I’d get way more motivated knowing my content is being reached to a wider audience. Moreover, video creating and making people laugh is a passion of mine that I’d like to make into a career and earn a living from one day.


I absolutely love the drive and the passion here!! Inspiring for sure. Lofty goals but that’s the best way to do them. Always aim higher and go for it! My question for you, @Jeyka, is what are you doing TODAY to help you reach those goals? Make progress toward them every day!!!

As for my V2 goals:

  1. Curate an environment that encourages engagement and gets people to come back for more
  2. I hope to gain a comfortability in front of the camera to assist with future youtube and other social media.
  3. Find my passion. As of now it feels like content creation will be something I will greatly enjoy, but only time will tell if this is for me or if it’s something else.
  4. Get money. I’m not looking for a lot at all, honestly receiving just $5 would make me so happy, just being able to receive any sort of compensation for the work I’m going to put in would be greatly appreciated!
  5. A Sposnor. A company emailing me and asking me if I’ll include something in their video would be a huge compliment and would mean that I’m on the right track!!

Those are some great goals. I wish you good luck on achieving them. And to answer your questions I already started writing down my ideas and filmed and edited a few of them. I also try and look how viners use to make their vines.


Great and honest goals :smiley:

I’d love to join to build upon myself, put my humor out there, put my singing and drawings out there too! And with a wholesome v2 community right here, it’ll be much easier growing an audience of my very own!

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