Why I Think V*** Died

I think vine died because of the fact that many of the most popular viners left and there fans left with them. Also many of the other social media platforms took ideas from vine when it was popular. So I think that V2 needs to have something that stands out beside the fact that you can post videos.


The thing that separated vine from other platforms was the loop.

Also, No viner just up and left vine, they only expanded.


One of reason they left (I think) is because there was no money in Vine besides sponderships. YT and Insta a WAY bigger money pools. So V2 will need a effective way to give revenue


monetization was really the only reason in my opinion. Everything else was great.


Agreed… I feel like vine did become the lesser app which lead to a tragic death.

Vine died because the top creators were the only ones making content that was seen by the majority of the app, and they started to leave after they tried to expand.

@dom said:
"The stars who grew famous on Vine continue posting their work on other platforms. But they’re no longer pushing the surprisingly elastic boundaries of the 6-second medium. “The most important of part of Vine has always been the people that are on it,” Dom Hofmann told me. “It’s also the only part that can’t be replicated. So I’m going to miss them. Even though I can and do follow some people from Vine on Instagram or Snapchat or Twitter or wherever they’ve decided to go, it just doesn’t feel the same. It’s like the band is breaking up and everyone’s going solo.”

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