Why I’m deleting Byte

-dance’s TikTok. The app is really sus.

I have iOS 14 and one of the new features is that you get a little green indicator every time your camera is on and an orange indicator if the mic is recording.

I was browsing TikTok when the orange indicator turned on out of nowhere for a couple of seconds. I wasn’t even recording a video, just watching. Could be just a bug but it was so creepy.




Tik Tok, not Byte


That title was a nice clickbait :eyes: Clever clever

“Why I’m leaving Byte-Dance”


That’s no bug


I have various screenshots detailing what tiktok has access too. Do you wanna see them tho

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And they had a HUGE LEAK on Alibaba servers that stored tiktok info. And tiktok didn’t adress it at all🙂

Drop em

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How are such practices legal? I feel like these allegations would violate Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store rules.

That’s the problem. They dont know. Apple doesn’t rewiew code before the app is published apparently. And we all know how the play store is plagued with troyans

no surprises here. tik tok just got rid of their offices in hong kong so I wonder what the future of byte will be

Byte in Hong Kong now?

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Seems risky cause they would have to comply with their new ‘security’ law… Big companies like Fb and Google aren’t complying at the moment though… will they get banned from HK? :thinking:

i mean byte dance who owns tik tok. Not byte by dom


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