Why haven't YOU made a Byte lately?

It’s been a while since you posted something. Byte has slowed down, this much is clear. Probably for obvious reasons. But let’s figure this out to be sure - why haven’t YOU posted in a while? What’s missing? What would need to take place in order for you to get your enthusiasm back?


I made a couple really good quality bytes and now I don’t want to make anything less good, but that takes more time


Some are busy with life, some are not motivated, some are not having fun, and some have left… I have been busy with life so trying to get back to my normal creative schedule…

We need an ANNOUNCEMENT from the Byte team ASAP. Tell us what’s going on, tell us what you are working on, tell us what we can do to help. Byte is a small community right now, so communication is key.

In terms of having everyone motivated again and bringing people to the app, I would say run #featured pages for now and any other contests that can make people engaged, there are several more ways to bring new people to the app, but now, I think we should focus on “not letting current creators leave.”

I firmly believe Byte will make a comeback soon, late this year or early next year. It takes time to get there of course, so we shall just keep our creative spirit alive to witness Byte’s rise!


This is one of the biggest problems we’re facing rn I’d say as a community. The fact is features like featured hashtags were mega fun (and helped with creators block and engagement too) and that is gone. I know people abused it and that’s why it’s gone but still. Are they coming back? What will we get to replace? What stage are we in the building of this app? Has user retention go up? Are we still in a public beta technically or is this just what it’s gonna be like? Is anything not looking good? Is everyone on the staff team healthy? So many questions yet still no answers. I know patience is key but like if any news could be given the current state of Byte would be totally different

This might seem a bit harsh and I have nothing but love for the staff but please any news would be amazing!


I love Byte, the community is overwhelmingly supportive. I really believe that this app can be so much more than some of the other social media apps. I feel that engagement is down mainly because of the situation with everything that’s happening around us in the world right now. We are currently living in terrified times believe it or not, if not just cruel and unjust brutality or the pandemic or whatever else has been laid out in front of us by 2020 sometimes it’s just hard to be funny or be creative because of all the sad things that you see going on in the world today. I myself have been dealing with a ton of personal issues. I have really been trying to get back into the spirit of Byte that was there and present when the app first launched back in January. I really believe that the creators of the app have done just an outstanding fantastic job from when the app was first actually launched to where we are now. The app is still in beta form and can be tweaked just a little here and there other than that the app is beautiful in my perspective. The only thing I can think is it’s just going to take time. A lot of your other apps didn’t just take off and be explosive right away I don’t know how retention is with people that first downloaded it and whether or not they’re still using it I really hope that they are.
I myself have been trying to get out of different genres instead of just being in the funny category I’ve been trying to post in the soothing category using the soothing Sunday # and the Sinister Saturday # I really enjoy these two categories if you haven’t checked out Sinister Saturday check it out here’s one of my last post for sinister Saturdays.

I believe of these hashtags we can be able to attract and retain new users and creators and hopefully it’ll just snowball from there. Some of the things that we can do is just spread the word you know if you have a platform on another social media and you have some followers you know let them know tell them about the app tell them about the community just get the word out there. I believe we can do this :blush::blush:


Byte isn’t working well on my phone (TikTok works fine). I don’t want to make Bytes and have people support me when I can’t do the same in return. I can’t like and comment on videos I can’t watch. That’s my reason. I’ll be back when it changes. I’m sure it will.


Are you android?

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I have video quality set to smart most of the time because it loads videos faster. Though that might not be related to your problem

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I have an iPhone XR. I read that you did that in a previous thread and was excited when I saw you comment that, but unfortunately iPhone doesn’t provide that same option. If I opened up the app right now and was on it for ten minutes, I’d consider myself lucky to get to see ten videos. My personal page works fine. I can watch all my videos no problem. I just can’t see the creations of others.


Nike that ish…
c/o @TheLegitLemur


I haven’t been as active as I usually am lately cuz of the BLM movement going on rn and I’m trying to focus my efforts on that. For me, I feel weird posting comedy videos during a time like this, but one can argue that we need comedy videos in times like these. I really wanna get back into the swing of things soon, but I’m just more focused on school work and making sure black people get the justice they deserve by signing petitions, watching videos, retweeting videos showing police brutality and overall just trying to expose this screwed up system we have in place


Check for an update. I didn’t know I had one till today and now it works fine. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh yeah that would be extremely frustrating. I hope they fix that soon. And yeah @Benf I felt the same for about a week but now I want to transition into doing comedy vids and stuff with BLM mixed in so it stays on people’s minds. Making bytes is also personally a release from the stress of everything happening too for me.


I’ve honestly been a creative mess lately. Current events along with my own personal circumstances have screwed with my motivation. I tried something ambitious only to find that I bit off more than I could chew, so now I’ve sadly had to cancel that.

After running too many ideas through my head and rejecting all of them before even trying (a bad habit of mine), I decided to try and mix what I’ve done in the past with what I want to do. What I want to do is tell stories through animation, and what I’ve already done is establish characters with a little bit of development. Therefore, I’m going to try some character development and worldbuilding to make my characters (including myself) stand out more and be more defined. I was inspired by one animator that I watch on YouTube who united all of the characters he established in various videos over the years into one story, and I hope to reach that point someday. :blush:

But for now, we’ll just see where this new strategy goes and if I can work with it.


no plot development


Yesss! I’m definitely slowly starting to post more and it doesn’t necessarily have to be BLM videos, but as long as I feel like I’ve done enough to fight for the movement behind the scenes, then I’ll feel ok to post comedy stuff again. BUT I’m not saying everyone else should feel the same as me!!! That’s just how I feel! I know people who have been posting comedy stuff for weeks and I think it’s great to have comedic relief during this hard time! It’s also nice to escape the news every once in a while cuz I know seeing all these crazy videos takes a toll on people’s mental well-being


Not sure about you but I average 3-4 per day. Everyday.


I’m just now seeing this but thank you for showing my video love @horndizz I need to take my own advice. I haven’t posted in what seems like a long time. But I’m in the same position as y’all. Everything just seems kinda not important with the issues that have come up recently. With that being said. I’m not done. I will stick with Byte till the end.

And the message still rings true! POST THE DAMN BYTE PEOPLE! :joy:


With everything going on right now, it’s been hard to find the motivation to make funny things.
Also, as other people have said, it feels like byte has paused and it’s hard to want to make content if the app is dead. I’m not saying that because I care about clout or something, but not very many people post anymore. Watching people’s bytes usually inspire me to make my own.


many reasons here… definitely, I have been in a personal creative slump. I haven’t done a lot of other art. I’m fine, that’s just how it goes sometimes and it will pass.

I’ve also returned to work full-time, and it’s been weirdly busy as my state works on reopening. Actually, I used to post my work a lot but I’m a cook and the absence of the food channel has been pretty detrimental-- not to mention that most of my active mutuals were also food posters, so none of us are really interacting as much lately.

current events also change perspective… it seems weirdly in poor taste to post a bunch of unrelated content. Is it? I don’t know if people are interested in that type of distraction now.

Updates have also made the app struggle on my phone on a day by day basis. Today I tried to post but the audio got distorted somehow. I know that all of these things get addressed but sometimes the app itself is what stops me from posting :frowning:

finally, the chaos and drama of this year have made me want to focus a lot more on not living my life through a camera lens. When I see cool stuff sometimes it just feels really good to mindfully experience it rather than worry about trying to get the best angle. It’s hard to find the right balance while trying to support a growing app that I still think is pretty cool…