why dont we found/create a coallistion of the very first creators on v2?

kind of a team of people who work together doing content

Let’s create an Instagram group for the moment. Pass me your accounts. Mine is @isabelroobles


Mine is @_colinmaurice

I’m open and accepting to any form of collaboration! ^^ let’s make the best of a great thing that’s coming guys!

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Mine is @Quintendockx :sunglasses:

No way you are all goin down

madlad ayy

This sounds awesome! I’m down!

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I’m down. Can we get a group chat goin some how?

@DuaneIvan Just join the forum sponsored discord server.

No offense, but what’s up with the random capitalizing of words in that?

I’m talking about a group chat specifically for the first users of Byte to form our own community apart from this to talk about content and keep in touch and maybe organize ourselves.

This is a great idea! We should all definitely collaborate and help each other grow our accounts!

Heeey! I just saw it. This was like a year ago, I don’t know what was going on with my past self but it wasn’t on purpose or with any kind of objective.


I like this idea

Let’s do an instagram group chat if you’re in. Drop your IG username here.

We’ll follow one another and promote one another’s stuff content.

Mine is @duaneivanarts

I like communism, but democracy is nice too. So, agree


I’m sorry I didn’t notice that it was so long ago, I shouldn’t have brought it up anyways.

Nah don’t worry

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