Why does everyone hate Lele Pons?

Just wondering… why does everyone hate lele pon? Just a straight question not implying on anything


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I really want to know too, as far as I recall she hasn’t done anything harmful, she was just a bit annoying lol

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Alright thanks

Ehh no idea maybe because when people think of her they think of sexual clickbait and kingbach

She has done a lot of bad things like deleting Amanda Cerny’s videos. And she doesn’t make good videos

First of all she isn’t for me. Her comedy is for children and her acting isn’t great. But on a different note, she deleted Amanda Cerny’s videos and posted about donating hair to locks of love but in the photo it was her holding her extensions. Not a cool thing to lie about. (You could see the tracks. You can’t donate that so she lied about doing it)

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It’s mostly horrible content that annoys the living day lights out of normal people and last year she got caught deleting Amanda Cerny’s popular YouTube videos and Instagram photos. Many other people who have met her have all outlined one thing about Lele and that her fame has gone to her head. She also got caught lying about donating hair extensions to a charity along with Inanna Sarkis and you can could see the tracks that had been sewed into her head in the photo.

She basically puts on Facebook content, I don’t hate her, hate is a pretty strong word. But her content is unoriginal and dry.

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Idk I like her, she was the first person I saw on vine besides Cameron Dallas and They inspired me. So i love them

She’s a liar

That was it, I couldn’t remember her name

i think why so many people hate her is because they either don’t like her personality or her sense of humor… or just both.

Probably because she ended up getting very successful off of what some people thought was lazy content. Personally, I don’t know too much about her to make a justified opinion but I know a lot of people think her stuff is pretty dull. I wouldn’t blame you if you were a fan though, because everyone has different tastes :wink:

Man, I was going to ask the same question. I dont why the hate

Really? I dont know who is her

Really? That is bad

Yep the same, she was the first viner that I knew

She’s amazing, and Juanpa zurita and cameron dallas they inspire me

To be honest I don’t even know who she is. What vines did she do?