Why Do You Use Byte?

I’m late to the forum party so this may already have been done months ago but if not: Why do you use Byte? Specifically: Why did you download it in the first place? Why did you keep using it? And what does it offer you that other apps don’t?

As I posed the question I’ll start:
I was a Viner and have missed the community and creative challenge since that went away. Naturally Byte felt like the natural successor thanks to TikTok never fostering either of those things (not in a healthy way at least). So that’s why I joined (on the Beta). Since then I have found it is very different to Vine, largely due to the social landscape changing so much in 4 years but also people’s demands of a new app are different. I’ve been treating Byte more as a platform which means the stuff I post is different to Vine. I’d put up any old rubbish throughout the day on Vine whereas Byte doesn’t feel built for that. I post intermittently, only when I have an idea or an image I want to convey and even then I film and edit outside the app and use Byte as the platform, whereas on Vine all I used was that app for everything.
The community is wonderful on Byte and it’s certainly the main reason I’ve stuck with it, though I feel like Byte’s more meme/comedy focus gets a bit one note at times (though that isn’t creator’s fault, just the nature of the internet and the demand for the elusive ‘engagement’). But it’s early days still, I guess. The regular updates and feature sets makes it hard to get a handle on what identity the platform wants so far (I’m in the ‘not a big fan of the 16 seconds feature’ camp for instance), but - purely for the people - I want to stick around. So that’s Why I Use Byte, what about you?

P.S. I’m glad Byte is different to Vine, I should clarify, and I hope that difference extends to not having content snobs, no joke stealing, less ‘Drama’, fewer creators desperate for fame and I’d really love to not have all the sexual assault problems the Vine community ended up having. Which - so far, so good!


I started Byte (outside of the fact that Finneas tweeted about it) because I like insta stories better than static posts on Instagram. Discovering this app launched me into an entire new world of moving art and that’s why I want to continue. I wanted to share my art on the app but I didn’t want it to be a boring static image video, so I made it move. It looks terrible but it inspired an entire new direction for my work in a community that has been overwhelmingly supportive which is invaluable to an artist with a total lack of confidence.


I would always search on YouTube to find something funny and what would pop up was Vine videos. What had me hooked was a dude named Thomas Sanders. He was basically a huge inspiration for me. He had jokes and references that I understood ESPECIALLY the Disney videos he’d make :sob: So I took it into my own hands to make a Vine account. My younger mind however thought only one thing was funny and it was “offensive” comedy. After an interesting conversation on the phone (Maybe a story for another time) my friend put me on the spot and I realized that kind of jokes just don’t fly and that it’s cruel. So I pushed Vine back for a bit until I could come up with ideas. Unfortunately by that time Vine went away. I really felt like I missed an opportunity. Life went on and one day I just looked up Vine and Google told me about V2. And I was so excited to be apart of the community. I also wanted to be apart of the beta because how cool it was everytime there was an update. I doubted myself until January I decided to pull myself together but in a miracle that same day, They released the app! When I posted my first video, just to see I had one like made me so happy. Just to be here with you guys and being able to laugh is why I’m here and I look forward to so much more

If you honestly managed to read all this :cookie: here’s a cookie and I thank you for your time.


I am here because Finneas tweeted about “vyte” and I was curious. I stayed because it’s been a creative outlet without bounds. I can pretty much do whatever I feel like in the moment and, for me, that’s the best way to be creative. I get an idea and I make it. I love that.

I also love this community. It’s like the British baking show of apps; wholesome and chill with a little dirty humor thrown in.



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I enjoyed vine, and this originally being sold as “vine 2.0” is what drew me in.
Realizing I had a platform, a way to share my nature content in a sense that I hadn’t really had an outlet for is what made me stick around.


Vine was great, especially for someone like me who has an archive of video ephemera and a huge library of records. I spent many hours watching groovy edits, but I never had the tools, skill, or patience to make my own.

Now that I’m busy most of my day studying and working, byte is a nice reprieve from the daily grind. It gives me a platform to share “audio-visual hors d’oeuvres” from my collection, and I get to learn a new skill in the process.


Open to exploring new apps. Lasso was a failure. Reels isn’t out yet. TikTok might get banned, so why not!

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I’m here because I wanted to somewhere make the odd little thing & not have it go on my insta stories, I stayed because I found that the community & content here is awesome. I should probably post more though.
You can also blame @samsheffer for talking about it a lot.

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Seamless looping. Not just looping, but seamless looping. That applies to both footage and audio. Allows me to create expressions that have no beginning or end. Expressions that are, infinite.


Um, yes plz!!! I am very intrigued by this direction! :heartbeat:

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Simple. I had Vine and Byte felt like Vine.

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i read about it in Jan the day it was released and thought it was cool so i downloaded and joined and i came to fnd very quickly everyone was so friendly and welcoming so i stuck around. I then loved the channels because you could see the content which you wanted to see and i just loved the idea and how it worked

Hello! :blush: I am on Byte to express myself creatively, and to interact with people. I also like to rebyte content and creators with each other to lift people up and build community. My hope has always been to find good friends with similar interests, but keeping each other company online is nice too. Thanks for asking. Thanks to all who have shown me love, or interacted with me. Means more than you know! See ya on Byte!

I wanted a way to make quirky timelapse videos, particularly to complement drawing posts on Instagram… (I’m rebuilding my illustration portfolio after doing the ‘day job thing’ for about a decade!). I had used Vine just to watch content before and I liked the bare bones feel of the app too. Once I started interacting with the community I was totally sold as everybody was so supportive and creative!

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I absolutely love your content, and you are very talented! I’m insecure sharing content too, especially my music, skits, and art. But places like Vine, and now especially Byte have been places I’ve been slowly opening up, and building confidence. I’m glad Byte encourages all skill levels, and not just the “best” and “perfect” creative content. I am also glad we can support each other through the process too. We can watch each other bloom! Your Bytes are beautiful. Keep it up. :blush::sparkling_heart:

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You are the kindest. Thank you so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

And please share more. I love seeing your posts so much. :revolving_hearts: