Why do you create/want to create content?

What made you want to create/create content? For me i want to be an artist because i want to have a dynamic life, i don’t think i could live my life waking up every morning slaving away at a 9-5


I create edits and I started doing it because I saw a couple of them on vine and I loved the way they made me feel. It hyped me up and made me want to start making them for other people to enjoy too :sweat_smile:

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I like to create videos that are unique and unexpected yet have a good message to them.

I just love to put my creativity into the real world rather than holding it all in my brain

I create because it’s my version of expressing myself. I love seeing my ideas come to life with little to no limits. It’s like living in my own little world and being able to share it with the world. <3

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Comedy. Quit my job to do open mics and online contents. So far it has gotten me jobs even though not as big. The past 10 months has been more than fruitful than my 3 years of doing 9-5. I’m actually waking up and feeling excited about what’s next

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I’ve been making videos on yt for a little while but I’m interested in something new, which is why V2 seems so appealing

The crative people (like us) have the same problem, its tedious to have a work routine.
For me i want to be an actor and this social media can help me to train and i have some problems in my life so V2 can help to forget it

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Great, the emotions are very important!

Great words, the artist need that, a place to expresse yourself!

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I don’t wanna live a 9-5 life :man_shrugging:


I’m still in school but I want to produce music at some point and making videos related to that has always helped. I’m also pretty anxious irl but social media does help me with my confidence quite a bit.

agreed, creative minds think alike :wink:

That’s cool, what kind of music do you wanna produce? Or you’re open to all genres?

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I haven’t really found my style yet, but at the moment I’m mainly messing around with bouncey edm stuff. I’m quite indecisive about that type of thing so I usually give up all of the time lol. some day I’ll get somewhere

Well gotta start somewhere! I think it’d be dope if all the musicians/producers could get together and make like a giant group chat or something, sharing ideas and inspirations. Kinda like a community inside of a community.

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I’ve been wanting to make content for a while now. I wanted to do YouTube but it’s hard to get big on there. I was going to start making vines but then it got killed. I want to make it big on V2. I have to admit it’s more ambition than anything. Also, I want bragging rights over my classmates.

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agreed, that would be pretty cool! this is why i love the internet haha

I did have a youtube channel and I managed to get 3K, but the majority of my subscribers were very very inactive because they subscribed back in 2014 when I was making Minecraft videos.
Ended up making a new channel under the same name and that’s what I’m occasionally working on now.
I will say though, I’m proud with where I got with my old channel. I just think it’s time to move on other things now that YouTube is slowly nearing an iceberg. That’s the cool thing about V2 I guess, it has a lot of potential! 8)

Then I’ll take my massive following on V2 and move it over to youtube where the real money is :smirk:

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