Why do people use these hashtags?

Why do people put hashtags of their username and/or #viral #trending
It doesn’t make sense. You can’t know you’re going to trend before you do, so I’m pretty sure it’s a strategy to get more views but how would that get you more views?


A lot of other platform has AI (TikTok does for sure) that pushes content that u like previously so it keeps them engaged and in the app longer - it’s a strategy used so that it “indexes” ur content and get it pushed to people that are loyal viewers of yours.

Byte might not have that in place yet where they push certain content to users that likes certain content - maybe in future but that’s an algorithmic thingy that’s over my head :blush:


On TikTok, I use my daughters name #heyemma since when we started, we started every video with “Hey Emma” - till this day, we still use it and it gave us a huge jolt with user traction since we leveraged how the algorithm worked - it’s not “cheating” but just smart planning :blush:


I think by nature, algorithms are opaque and that makes some people over-think how algorithms work and throw everything at the wall to see what sticks.


@AmericasComic u r right to an extend - but algorithm is still based on measurable metrics that needs inputs for output - u just gotta figure out the input for the desirable output - again, it’s not “cheating” - it’s leveraging and strategy :blush: had to say that these days :joy::joy::joy:

Because they think it will push them in the algorithm. They got used to TikTok and seeing popular tiktoks tagged as “fyp” “foryou” “trending” “viral” “foryoupage”, so they try to do it here to. They don’t understand that A) the algorithm is different and B) they couldn’t even know if it was actually helping on tiktok anyways.

There’s a lot of people who use “Spotlight”, as if there was an algorithm that will pick it up and put it there… they don’t know how the AI works and they are desperate to make it, they’ve learned that the quality of the content is not as important as gaming the algorithm


Well I use hashtags specifically because it organizes all of my content in one place for people to look. Say if someone just found out about my channel then they can search my username and find all the content I have made etc. I also do it for people who don’t follow me can find my content. I could care less about trending because I won’t create several accounts to do so but I just have a YouTube hashtag kind of mentality where I use hashtags with my username to basically organize all my video in one search.

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but the whole #trending #fyp and all those other irrelevant tags are pointless and people shouldn’t be doing that. if it were up to me any of those kinds of hashtags would be unusable/don’t do anything but a placebo effect.

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Yeah, I have never looked up #trend before. :joy:

But no one looks at my hashtags either so… well at least on Instagram.

It is one old way to keep online analysis. Many company to create specific hashtags to monitor users activities. It is more a PR strategy. This might not work well on byte, but the theory behind is similar.