Why do people still watch Jake Paul and Logan Paul?

I’m genuinely quite worried. There are a ton of children and sometimes even adults out there who still seem to support the paul brothers despite all the disgusting things they have said and done.

I get that people make mistakes and I understand that despite the severity of them, they can learn from them. When Logan Paul was bashed for filming that man who committed suicide, I was disgusted but unlike others I didn’t think that he should’ve been banned or anything like that. I thought that the situation would at least teach him what’s right and what’s wrong and maybe he would’ve been more respectful from that time onwards. But no! He’s now using tazers on dead animals, as if he didn’t learn from the situation at all.

Jake Paul hasn’t done as bad as his brother, but he’s still not free of racism or anything like that. I’m genuinely concerned that children will look up to these people and think that these things are okay, when really they are completely unacceptable and wrong.

I was just wondering, if there was anyone on these forums who still supported them - why?! I’m not going to completely hate you for it, I’m just curious to hear why you would (because everyone has their own respectable reasons).

Finally, do you think YouTube has taken enough action on these guys? I’m surprised that Logan’s account hasn’t been terminated from community guidelines strikes yet. It’s appalling that they’ve allowed this to continue for so long.


I don’t think YouTube has taken enough action


It’s ridiculous, their main audience is kids that think it’s acceptable to behave the way they do and showing that dead body alone could have had serious affects on some people and Logan shows no remorse whatsoever.


If i have kids and they start doing things this horrible, i would be really sad.


The Paul brothers are something else. I never fancied their content but they definitely highlight the direction this world is going in.

Many youtubers, Logan Paul especially, exhibit super troubling signs lmfao. Logan, by far, has to be the most popular and what’s even more of a problem is that his fan base is majority 13 and under. Super impressionable.

I think most people are disconnected and don’t really see what Logan could cause. If a 9 year old was caught tazing dead animals, that would be such a red flag. Red flags to look for in children has always been delinquent behavior and cruelty to animals lmfao and the paul brothers are now promoting both. super dope. lmfao

It wouldn’t be “such” a problem if their core fan base was 18+, for example. That’s not case. I feel like they are trying to be something reminiscent to the boys of Jackass but again, when 8 year olds are your core fanbase, it’s not going to work. Plus, they’re nowhere near as bad ass.

As far as second chances go, definitely don’t think they deserve any. No one deserves a second chance, but you can definitely earn one! They have not earned it but they are given these chances anyways so It would be illogical to think they would learn remorse lmfao.

Youtube has now removed ads completely from Logan’s channel. If he keeps this up, youtube will definitely have to remove his channel altogether. Or, you’re going to get an angry parent on Good Morning America blaming one of the paul’s for inspiring his/her child to be cruel to animals. now the child got bit and got rabies. now she wants justice. “youtube markets logan paul as family friend, doesn’t add age restrictions, doesn’t take enough action” now parents are standing together against youtube. youtube is in a corner. advertisers begin to pull out of youtube. now youtube bans the paul brothers but not before adding more restrictions for current creators. lmfaoo

but at the end of the day, the majority has control so the majority should “take the blame”. People can point fingers at Susan and the staff all they want but talk is cheap. If you’re a creator and want to be RESPECTED, I don’t know how supporting abhorrent actions creates that kind of world for you. If you’re trying to get famous and rich fast, don’t care how you do it and don’t care what you get famous for, then by all means, continue pushing for the platform the paul brothers create. They continue to gain gain gain while you suffer for their actions (ie, the latest rule changes) lmfao

If you think that’s a pipe dream/unrealistic, just look at the makeup industry. Majority of makeup lovers said, we’re not here for animal cruelty. But even louder, this majority stopped purchasing these brands. This lead to so many LARGE brands becoming cruelty free. Majority ruled


actually, logan pauls demographic is 15-24 which is why he is allowed to be more leyant on his word choice, and his content. while jake pauls is 9+ which is why his merchandise and spirit is more child-like and wild

Jake Paul is okay, but Logan Paul has no respect for any living or dead thing as well as people’s culture.

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Agreed. He is really rude.

Well i still Enjoy watching Logan paul.

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Ok. That’s your opinion. We all have our own opinions, just like you and me.


I as well still like to watch Logan Paul.

logan paul and jake are lot to explain i really want to but its no use the community is not understanding that he is doing content for adults he himself said in the abc news videos adults understand whats rng and whats right so if Kids are watching Parents please take care dont tell the creator to change his skills because some kids are watching
I really hate when People like guava Juice and some youtubers waste so much of food and make dum videos with no creativity, this teaches children its ok to waste food so please go bash them… not some who want to make some content out of good

@Hundred_Dios if he is making videos like you say “for adults.” That still doesn’t give him the right to disrespect people’s cultures and dead bodies. I would dare to say that he is not making content “out of good”.


I ended up writing a big block of text and I don’t want to clutter the thread, so my response is in the expandable bit below.

My thoughts on Logan

Disagree, will explain why.

I don’t see what is worth respecting when someone doesn’t want to lose their success…

Disclaimers mean very little if the following content seems to contradict the point of raising awareness. His later video did a much better job, but he only made that because he wants to return to peoples good books.

He still got views, and you can see that his numbers have been growing (subs and views) since the video, so if Youtube hadn’t sliced his revenue his videos following the Suicide Forest one would have been earning more money. Know the old saying, ‘all publicity is good publicity’?

As for your final point of it being a simple mistake, I fundamentally disagree with that. He made a series of serious errors in judgement.
A) Going to a popular and recognized area where people commit suicide with the intention of ‘raising awareness’ - his intention was clearly to find a body
B) Filming the body, and putting it in the thumbnail - do I really need to criticize that?
C) Laughing and joking around when literally meters away from a dead body - I accept the excuse that he was in an uncomfortable situation and that his response was to laugh, I’d almost definitely have done the same, but it’s shooting yourself in the foot to leave that in the video.

At any point he could have amended it. I hate story time vlogs, but he could have done something similar to that, with snippets of the woods interlaced, but instead he took a poor approach.

I think he clearly revealed his character in that vlog, and as a 22 year old he has no excuse. His latest videos and the arrogance he exhibits in them is just further proof. I think he’s reproachable.


that kind of behavior will not be tolerated here.

no no no i am not supporting him in The Japan Controversy i am 100% against it from that i guess he have learned somthng i really wish he must do something good to the society
there is goodness in everyone so try looking it that way please one mistake dosent make any one and his entire currier bad…

What about him tasing dead animals?


That is not ok he did mistake

While that may be his “target”, it’s pretty clear a large amount of his followers are 14 and under. I mean, didn’t a 13 year old have a breakdown after seeing his forest video? Whether he likes it or not, he has a very young fan base. If anything, they’re the loudest. If he truly believed that his content was for older people and wanted it that way, he could easily age-restrict his videos lmfao. Shouldn’t be an issue since he gets views.

Regardless, I still stand by all that I’ve said lmao. He can continue to run rampant and people can continue to support that but it’s not going to end well lmfao. You already have a bunch of articles inspired by logan paul advising advertisers to stop working with influencers as they can’t be trusted nor can the platforms they are on be trusted to “vet” them and this was BEFORE the dead animal thing

Celebrities are making youtube channels, its only a matter of time before the money that made influencers a thing is returned back to celebrities at this rate. Why wouldn’t they with this growing climate?


thanks for putting in some really constructive points here guys. I can see what you mean about Logan’s target audience not being kids but at the same time I still don’t agree with his behaviour. Either way you guys do have valid opinions and I’m glad you share them. Perhaps I can understand the fan base a little more now

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