Why do people hate when someone puts their pronouns in their twitter bio?

^ title, I have my pronouns in my byte bio tho

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Because people are dumb and don’t feel like they should have to respect others.


people feel they can do whatever the please.

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Cause it’s (IN MY PERSONAL OPINION AND THOSE PEOPLE’S OPINIONS, DON’T START A FLAMEWAR OR ATTACK ANYONE), it’s kinda attention-seeking and a sign that you’re the type of person who can’t take a joke (yknow, those annoying people on tumblr). I mean not everyone who does it might be like that, but it just seems that most people I’ve come across with pronouns in their bio on Instagram can’t take a single joke. Not targeting anyone here or trying to be toxic, I’m just saying.

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There’s a difference between correlation and causation. You shouldn’t pre-judge someone based off them having pronouns in their bio.


As someone who is close to many trans people who are constantly misgendered, this is a bad take. It’s something that trans people have had to do to avoid accidental misgendering as well as to avoid being critiqued for not being ‘upfront’ about their pronoun use!

Cis people also do it to normalise it so that trans ppl don’t feel othered by having their pronouns at the top of their bio

Edit for clarity, this isn’t an attack but rather an explanation of the use of pronouns in description


do you think “creativity first” becomes a cure for a hate focus? Hate stuff is so trite, boring and mundane compared to creativity… no?

Okay. Say you told me your name was Steve. It was in your bio, for ease of communication.
Now, say, instead of calling you Steve, I insisted on calling you Patricia.
When you asked me politely to not call you that, I told you to toughen up, because you looked like a Patricia to me, so that was obviously your name.
Now, say I also insisted that everybody else call you Patricia.
It would get pretty annoying, pretty fast, huh?

People put their pronouns in their bios for the same reason people put their names- so people know how to refer to them. Reading anything into it past that is super lame.


I personally don’t understand a lot of the hate that comes with this. Personally, I think it’s a great thing to normalize and should be done. Alongside with having preferred pronouns, if someone has it, then simply refer to that- it’s not a debate (nor will I debate with you), it’s just a matter of respect. :slight_smile: I would hope that the majority of the byte community would agree. Have a great day y’all.