Why do people censor V*ne?

Is there a specific reason? The word vine is still a word, so I’m confused on why people censor it on the forums? Hopefully, I’m not the only one lol


It’s because people were asked by dom not to refer to V2 as Vine. I think some people read it wrong and thought they couldn’t say it at all or maybe just thought it was funny but yea I guess it caught on.


Nope, People censor it because it is not the main topic of the community, its V2

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People are trying NOT to use v2 and vine interchangeably. Vine is owned by Twitter and it’s closed and over.
Here’s more info About the name


It’s just kind a played out joke about referring to v2 as “v2” and not “V*ne2” (please don’t flag this)

Edit: I learned that the forum will even censor out the characters if you refer to it as the name that I can’t type; that’s why the asterisk is there, I’m not trying to participate in the joke

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They have to censore the V*ne 2 bc people shouldn’t call it that, is not associated its a new upcoming app. So peiple should refer it to V2 and if you want to say something about vine you can but not associating it with V2.

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Yeah I get the why you can’t say V*ne 2 but people will be talking about Vine and censor that

Bc they genuinely associated with the new app, if you refer it to just vine the old app you can, not associating it withthe new one that’s going to be something different…

Answering to your question maybe is because people think is something bad saying just vine because they think they topic will be flagged but it will not if you just say vine and NOT say V*ne 2

Hope I was helpful and clear. :heart:

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Very, thanks for replying! <3

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You’re very welcome :blush: :heart:

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Legal reasons V*ne is owned by twitter V2 is separate and owned by Dom

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because Vne is owned by twitter and v2 is not Vne so for legal resones Vne is Vne and v2 is v2

I actually had not seen this, but the comments made sense. I think it’s a combination of people wanting to make fun of the fact that it can’t be called the same thing, and the fact that people don’t want to just say what the person would prefer it be called.

You actually don’t have to censor the word Vine. It’s “Vine” +“2” that gets censored. The same way “YouTube” and “Instagram” aren’t censored, “Vine” isn’t exactly forbidden lol

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