Why didn't the majority of v*** stars make it big?

So there are a few of ex-viners who made it huge on youtube, including:

Lele Pons
Logan Paul
Hannah Stocking
Anwar Jibawi
Jake Paul
Liza Koshy
Gabbie Hannah
David Dobrik
and more…

I’m just wondering why THEY were the standouts. Now I know that others are out there creating movies and stuff, but so are the ones I listed above.

Did the other ones just not make it as big on youtube because of a lack of promoting their channel? (I remember every single one of lele pons’ vine posts leading up to her leaving Vine contained her youtube channel link. I also know that Jake advertised his youtube in some vine posts before the app died too. Logan didn’t advertise his channel at all. And there are some viners that have gone to youtube that have from 100k-300k subscribers and aren’t as big. Even King Bach isn’t anywhere near as popular as someone like Lele Pons is on youtube OR instagram. Just a bit crazy to me seeing that some of the smaller vinestars (the ones that weren’t seen as front runners on the app) are now the biggest ones on youtube, and the more famous vine stars aren’t doing as well on social media (they’re doing great on other projects, don’t get me wrong, but I’m talking about general social media presence).


I personally believe its because some people cant create anything outside 7 second loop videos. They were stuck at that so anything more than that was difficult for them to try and catch attention for other ppl to enjoy them.


Maybe they moved over before vine died? So they could promote themselves on vine before it was all gone instead of it dying and then trying to move because you lost your main platform

People like Lele Pons and the Dolan Twins moved over to youtube before the app officially died. People like Logan Paul and I think Liza/David moved after the app shut down.

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Some people are big on other platforms such as Snapchat. :slight_smile:

If you look at the v*ne archive and go onto their old profile you will see that those YouTubers started to promote their social media heavily when vine was about to die. Others didn’t.

Because they over promoted, made content else where, and were not only icons in :vine:. They all had they’re start on vine but because they went outside of that and did YouTube I think that’s were they started to become big with help from :vine:

all comes down to hard work… the viners who didn’t make it probably decided to settle with whatever they made on vine. whereas ppl like logan paul, however. were always hungry for more. that’s why he only went up

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I used to be on Vine and now have 6 subscribers on YouTube, so I consider that a success. A small success, but still a success.


It could be the image you create for yourself, the ability to adapt to an environment

I think we should also take note that there were quite a few who kinda quit vne before it ended. I guess they realized social media fame (or any fame) wasn’t something they wanted. They never tried to make it big post-vne cuz they were content with how their lives were before.

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biggest influencer out there

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