Why didn't Dom let us Donate?

There were so many posts about starting a GoFund me page but Dom didn’t even respond. Anyone know why?

I think that people will assume once he has a decent sum of money, all the problems will be fixed. But the thing is, that’s not the case. Legal issues can take a while, and crowdfunding may not be able to cover all the expenses. I think he just doesn’t want to disappoint people again.


Two reasons:

  1. The sum is very large and is inappropriate for crowdfunding. For context, the amount of money that I’ve already spent is similar to (or higher than) most of the suggested campaigns I’ve seen.

  2. If the project were crowdfunded, every backer would be a customer, and there’s a rightful entitlement that comes along with being a customer. We wouldn’t be able to properly support that with split attention. This is a very enthusiastic community, but enthusiasm can quickly turn to vitriol when money is involved and promises aren’t kept.


Well said @dom


It’s brutal out there. I had to take down 12 campaigns so far, and I’m working on getting a PayPal donation one down. It’s being promoted here.


damn that account looks real af. if i wasn’t informed about funding then i would of donated! :open_mouth:

Look at dom being more interactive I just saw a post saying how he needs to talk to us more and here he is granted it was 6 hours ago for me

Well this is nice knowing that he already has money tied up in this. Leads me to believe that it’s still on, and is not totally cancelled.


Great work @TheKingHusker

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Thanks. Most were GoFundMe campaigns and I encourage making any them public on the forum here so something can be done.

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I haven’t looked into it but it sounds like there has been a lot around :worried:

Oh it gets bad out there. But I’m way to far down the rabbit hole to come back up.

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well said :slight_smile:

Ok, Thank You Dom! :grinning: