Why can't we use v2 as the app name?

Why can’t we use v2 as the app name?

we can, but maybe some better name comes up to replace it, after all, v2 does not agree with many terms …
imagine a video on youtube “the best v2 of March” I think a little strange … or …
What do you do?
I’m v2er.
It’s weird too…

I don’t think it’s weird, you just need to get adjusted to it if it were to a name. Such as Snapchat or Instagram, hell I bet Dom and his team thought “Vine” was terrible name.

Dom explain it better than I do here
About the name

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Haha I love your humour :joy::joy:

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It was also a fun exercise for a different name for the app; honestly, finding a new name is harder than it seems

hell yeah :joy:

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I really like this name and I think it should not be changed just gave my opinion, vine is actually stranger than v2

What about just create and if we are good we can be called creators

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Plain and simple or we could just stick to V2 and be called V2’s or V2ERS

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nope it’s because of copyright! there’s a cigarette company which is called v2

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omg :ohno:

I imagine there’s nothing wrong I just assume it’s being used in place of something and I think that’s kind of where’s we come in… because a lot of pills have been made based off of names people are just as curious as us.