Why cant byte be 10 seconds :(

pls suggest dom so byte becomes 10 secs


tbh i want byte to be ten secs cus like 6.5 is liMITED not only that but like they really are gonna cut us to 6.5 like hello evolution ??? like byte should change that up 10 secs would be perf dom omg pls

i understand your reasoning but, that still doesn’t give that “vine” feel. i know 6.5 seconds isn’t a huge difference to 10 seconds but, fun quick videos is what made vine, vine and what will make byte, byte.


rhythm is off at 10 seconds


i totally get it but i feel even 8 is a better option ! as an improvement cause as of now the only innovative thing in the app is the camera roll feature (a blessing btw) otherwise is just a replica format

also i feel like if we have an idea but the last part of the vid has to be drafted since the 6.5 mark hit like with ten secs at least we have spare time really dom please consider 7.5/8

i think making it different to 6.5 seconds just makes it the same as any other app, idk why vine was 6.5 seconds in the first place but that’s just the feel of videos that the team are going for i guess.


I mean, it’s 6.5 seconds to get that nice, short film, looping app feeling. :man_shrugging:t2:


yeah cause you can’t get that with 8 or ten secs

i really hope maximum 9 is available

:grimacing: yeah… no :joy: 6.5 is the plan


i sound bitter i know but im just saying is lackluster that it’s 6.5 like few secs more won’t even give people any harm plus vine was seen as a challenge cause its nuts to do the six secs idk anyways ill be an iconic latin byter but still i guess ill have to suck the 6.5 ugh kms

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you are the first person and probably only person that wants videos to be longer then 6.5. as @cark said “i think making it different to 6.5 seconds just makes it the same as any other app”
byte is meant to be a short entertainable looping app. that’s whats giving the HUGE vibe about the app.


yeahhh but you guys are just thinking out of nostalgia like HOW can we move forward when we are revisiting the past ?? the 6.5 is tired, people had fun with it in 2014

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thats the whole point of this app, you want longer go tiktok funny face filters lip syncing haha so funny lol tiktok haha funny songs


ok there’s just one way we can find out
so since dom has quite reasonably big following on twitter he should make a poll between 6.5 vs 8 secs THATS ON PERIODT
ugh porfavoor domcitooo haz un poll en tu cuenta lmaoo

anyways ill stop discussing this cause it’s turning against me i love the whole byte concept and i WONT go to tik tok cause the demographic is disgusting the whole quirky teens trying to be relatable sickens me lol but anyways its all positive im sooo looking forward to share my vids on byte :black_heart:

nostalgia is what is hyping the app right now. many people haven’t seen the app (including me) and this is one huge memory of vine that they had. humorous quick videos. byte is meant to be a place where people who didn’t have a vine account to have a feel of what vine was like and byte is also for people who did have vine and want their “memories” back.

without the 6.5 seconds the app wouldn’t have this unique feeling.