Why can’t all versions of Minecraft run Java?

I mean, you see ROBLOX on mobile, computers, and Xbox One, and it runs perfectly on those. iPhones, Androids, Apple TV’s and Android TVs are perfectly capable of running Java along with the Xbox One and PS4, so why couldn’t the developers program every version using it? It would make things a lot less complicated and everyone could play with anyone, including with mods. Like, there’s literally no bedrock servers out there rn compared to the thousands or even millions of Java servers.

This is as simple as I can word this lmao:

  • Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. For something to run Java, a “Java Runtime” needs to be made available for the device.
  • However, the Bedrock version (which is written in C++) doesn’t have that issue. All those devices can run things made with C++ because you don’t need some special runtime thing to be available. It just works on the device.
  • ROBLOX doesn’t have this issue since it was made with C++ for Day 1 (or at least something that supported all devices without a special requirement needed)

minecraft java runs on the java runtime, only available on computers right now. it was made before bedrock. roblox was developed the same way on every device. and java has a different account system because it was made before bedrock. oh and mods are easier to develop for java

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Mojang and Microsoft made Bedrock because it’s extremely easy to run C++ applications on any platform, rather than Java and its required Java Runtime, which only works natively on computers and (used to be) Android, so porting it to multiple platforms takes a lot more work.

ROBLOX, as far as I know, was made with C++ or an equivalent universal language. And, while in terms of servers and mods, Java is still ahead, Bedrock has some pretty popular servers on it like Hypixel, and you can now make your own Bedrock servers pretty easily if you know where to look.