Why are there people who think that oevo is the cause of all lifes problems


People can hate on the app all they want, but we need to stop continuously bagging it in the forums. Yes we have all at one point downloaded it and seen that at times it can’t be the most functional app HOWEVER, we don’t need to to keep repeating that over and over again FFS. And it apologized in case some of you don’t know so please stop acting like your defending Dom. He gave them his blessing so please can we end this CIVIL WAR… :kissing_heart:


Multiple reasons. If one app wants to promote itself, that’s fine. But what OEVO has done to users here and beyond is much worse. Pushed out notifications to all their users saying v2 was gone, they have a literal unusable app (crashes for me) and where ever someone Tweeted about v2, OEVO would reply to get them to check out their app before v2. While they are like This, it’s their ethics and individuals/a company that is what throws more hate at them. This was just to help clarify. And also, Dom gave no blessing about OEVO. He just mentioned to check out other apps. He doesn’t endorse them.


Take all oevo related posts here…

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If he wanted them gone he wouldn’t have let them here, and by other apps he must’ve meant OEVO because they were here the next day and they did apologise for that dude. And again if he wanted them gone he could do that so Dom wants us to move on for the time being I guess. RIP

We are allowed to discuss OEVO on here

Just because OEVO started posting on the forum a day after Dom announced the delay doesn’t mean Dom endorses them. As for Dom removing them, I don’t see why he would remove them unless they broke the forum rules. Again, not sure if Dom approves of OEVO specifically or not.

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Im pretty sure if he saw competition on the V2 forums he would’ve gotten rid of em. Plus we all know he didn’t specifically say which apps, but he also didn’t say he doesn’t support OEVO, and I don’t see the other apps on here.

Dom would never delete someone off of these forums if they were competition. That would be stooping down to a low level of censorship. All I’m saying is no where has Dom endorsed or approves of OEVO. There are other apps out there.

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This post sums up my life this past week lool. :joy:

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It would be extremely unfair to get rid of OEVO just because they’re them. From what I’ve seen, Dom is a way more just person than that.

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Yeah, OEVO engages in marketing efforts that may be considered unethical, dishonest, and worthy of relentless biased hate, but that’s besides the point…

Give OEVO a chance and give yourself an opportunity to create videos that will get you recognized and possibly rewarded! The app may be buggy now, but it’s way better than it was when I started in early March, so imagine how awesome it’ll be in another month!

You may not like OEVO now, but when it takes off, would you rather join when there are millions of other users trying to make it big at the same time or would you rather join when it’s easy to get discovered? @oevo FTW!!!


Amen brother well said

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