Why are teenagers so annoying

I just did a technical rehearsal with a bunch of teenagers and they are worse at following instructions and behaving than elementary school kids. Why do teenagers suck??


You are a teenager???


Some teenagers are just more annoying then the others. I know A lot of cool teens, not all are bad. You just got the wrong group probably


You must’ve gotten a rowdy crowd of them. Don’t group all teens with one bad bunch.


As a teenager, I don’t know how I should feel towards this topic… :thinking:


A lot of people here are teenagers and I being one agree

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sometimes you see them you cringe but deep down you have done the same stuff so :kissing:


teens and older kids are truly the worst

don’t @ me

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Some are really frustrating :expressionless::expressionless:, I don’t remember being like this when i was a teen. Thank god not all teens are like that

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We’re they made to do it or given the option, because if they were forced to they probably didn’t really care about messing up the rehearsal

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As a teenager I agree with this. But I’m also going to say that we’re going through a lot and thinking about a lot and under a lot of pressure, but at the same time people treat us like we’re just little kids and do nothing. Frustration toward our circumstances and responsibilities and the way others treat us manifests into a very bad attitude that we are very well aware of. What I’m saying is, yes teens suck, but we’re just barely not kids anymore and once highschool starts shit gets really hard really fast and not all of us handle it well.
We’re trying to figure our entire lives out at this point because that’s what we’re told to do. But it’s really really stressful for someone who’s only been alive for like 15-17 years.


This only reinforces the idea I won’t have any kids of my own


You’re asking the forums (mainly teens) why they are annoying? Lol. Its probably hormones and their bipolarness :sunglasses:

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People are annoying. Not just teenagers.