Who's hype for V2

i am so excited for it any one wanna be friends??

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cool nice

YUP! You better believe it! Are you making content for it yet?

Damn there are hundred of post like this hahaha, yep we are very exciting

Haha true i din’t even know lol

what do you mean?

For me, once v2 launches, I’ve got a note document that I’m gameplanning quick 7 second videos around. I used to do this on Vine and noticed that my content always performed better because it was planned. It’s also what King bach/ Zach King and a bunch of other vine stars would do to regularly put out great content. Start thinking about what type of content you could make for it, what would be funny to do, etc. Best!

As they say “Proper planning prevents poor performance”

Definitely excited. Not too happy about the long wait tho.

Hey how do you post a status?. Also. Am hyped as well…besure to follow my page for some good ic ! Thanks man!


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