Who's from Europe? [or been there]

Hey guys, I’ve seen loads of different nationalities here but I’m from Belgium…Who else is from Europe, or at leaste has been here??? :airplane:

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Here! I live in Switzerland :switzerland::raised_hands:t6:

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Me! I live in south of england

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:joy::joy::joy: I can’t spell LEAST. (don’t know why that’s so funny…!)

I live around the South East of England

same I’m from south east

Family’s from Poland but I live in America. Any Polish v2-ers looking to collab in the future??

I’m from Russia, but I’ve travelled almost everywhere in Europe. I’ve been to Belgium, and it’s really beautiful! I live in the United States now, but I visit Europe nearly every summer.

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No, not me

Netherlands reporting in!

I’ve been to Amsterdam and to the Ukraine