Who Will Own The Movie Industry in The 2020s?

I think at this point it’s pretty obvious I’m obsessed with movies, which is true. I do love watching movies because I love that entertainment. I also love bashing movies and enjoying movies and I love to share my opinions on movies because unlike politics, no one is going to throw around something offensive at the end of the day because its a movie. Its a harmless opinion… now onto my opinion about how Warner Bros, Dreamworks, Sony, Illumination, and other movies owned by disney will overtop disney in the 20s, bringing Disney’s 4th slump.

Disney has had a problem recently that they really want live adaptations and sequels to movies, and at first alot of people were okay with that. Now, it’s actually starting to get on movie peoples nerves. It got on people who genuinely love movies nerves first, but when it gets to the audience of people who will watch a movie occasionally, then it’s a problem. Disney’s first big slump is coming from this year infact and here is why:

Are People Actually Excited For This Years Movies?

Alot of people, I would personally say, are not. Atleast that’s what it has come to be seen. In fact, I completely forgot Toy Story 4 was going to be made, and I don’t really see anyone super amped for that. More people seem more, honestly, bored by it, with alot of people saying “why even is there a sequel?” Same thing with The Lion King. I haven’t met a single person who is pumped to see it, and I’ve heard more people complain about it than anything, and Aladdin reviews are coming in, and oh boy, it doesn’t really look good. Right now, Aladdin sits at a low 57%. People might say “oh, but thats alright!” Well, movie reviews are like test grades almost where anything below 60% is forgettable and not really good.

Now, these are how people described Disney’s Beauty and The Beast remake. 10/12 are decent or good comments, even for a 71%. Personally, I didn’t like the movie at all, but people seemed to like it. So, this is when people were okay with live adaptations.

This is Aladdins. Right off the bat with Disturbing and Unconvincing, this has 6 pretty bad ways to desrcibe a movie, and 8 good ways. More is better right? Sure, but it’s barely okay, and that’s mostly because people don’t want it or didn’t need it because the animation was way better then the adaptation, and they all have been better then adaptations, and people are catching onto Disney that the adaptations are getting worse.

Disney Sequels, well, do I have to explain to you the Cars series?

They made three movies off of a movie that already is mediocre at BEST and SOMEHOW MADE THE SEQUELS WORSE!

Yeah I’ve seen Toy Story 4 trailers each time when they come out? Am I more excited? God no. I still feel a ‘meh’ towards this movie. “We MuSt GeT SpOrKy BaCk To Be ThIs LiTtLe GiRlS tOy AgAiN” NICE TRY DISNEY YOU DID THAT IN THE SECOND! It’s the same movie except for they drag back Bo Peep because $$$ Nostalgia will hit them in the wallets $$$! I could be less interested, and I feel less interested talking about it!

Disney won’t fall, Companies will rise

Disney is obviously not going to fall easily. They will continue to make insane amounts of money off of these movies, its inevitable. But, what will happen to Disney? Well, in retrospect, Pixar and Disney Animation Studio will fall. Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse was an example of people not wanting to see the same stuff over and over again win, they wanted something new, and that’s what hollywood and people want now. Yes, They’ll still make money, but Illumation still makes insane amounts of money off of their stupid algorithmic lazy ass movies. That Pets movie made almost 1 Billion dollars for christ sakes. But does that give them any respect? Hell no, cause no one cares about how much you make anymore in the movie industry, it’s about how its made and how it impacts people, and Disney clearly won’t impact people for long. Who are these companies that will win awards and much more respect to the point Disney is just an Illumination product that people go ‘this will shut my kid up for an hour and thirty minutes’? Dreamworks, Warner Bros, Sony, and Paramount Pictures will pick that up. No, they’re not perfect, but their perfecting a craft like Disney had to for years. Dreamworks recently has been giving us gems of movies, Sony is making movies that look like a lot of fun, 21st Century is on the works with that too, and Paramount Pictures is coming up with pretty fun ideas. Yea, alot of movies will be sequels, but the difference is is that these companies can make good sequels, and with 4 different animation companies coming up with new ideas, something is bound to stick. How can I forget that there are also movies that will beat out the live adapation ones, but at this point it isn’t even a competition because they all bound to s u c k, and I firmly believe 2020-2029 will be the firm kick in the animation ass for Disney to pick up their shit and finally give us Disney Magic once again.


Disney own so much and so many companies i wont be shocked if they pic up Paramount, Sony or Warner Bros. I can’t see Dreamworks being bought by them tho. Disney movies may be getting worse but they will definitely stay on top for a very long time.


Disney pretty much owns the entertainment industry. The next would be Warner Bros, and since it is owned by A T&T, acquiring the whole company would be impossible.

Sony, Universal, and Paramount still exist, although they are barely hustling. The movie industry is so keen to making sequels and remakes, they take very little risk in creating original and new stuff, and that goes for animation as well. I want to see new stuff.