Who were the designers of Vine?

I’m curious to know if the byte designers are the ones who where back then on Vine.
I know that one of the three creators of Vine was the one who created this app, who I know that it’s dom Hoffman.

but I would like to know if it is the same team ?

and if it is also the same designer of the layout and the entire app, as well as the logo ?

  • If someone who really knows, explains to me, I will thank them very much :pray::slightly_smiling_face:.

Did @michael worked on Vine ?
I know that he is the Byte app designer, but it’s a great question. Maybe there where a group of designers on Vine, maybe he was one of them. On the note he is a good designer, his work on Byte has been amazing a lot of potential there.


nope, i had nothing to do with vine! I did all the design stuff for byte leading up to launch, so that includes all the 3D visuals and app layouts in coordination with Dom. After launch @bobby joined, and he did work on vine, so now the design stuff is split between us. i dunno who else did design for vine though.

i appreciate the love for the app design btw :yum: things are bound to evolve as we grow [rip my channel graphics lol] but we’ll try our best to keep it awesome :two_hearts:


Your Channel Graphics where better than the gifs that we have today. To be honest, I miss this layout


¿ did @bobby was the person who made all this Amazing memorable Designs ? image

I also Imagine that it was a group of people.

On the other hand I saw yesterday that Byte is searching for new designers and that is amazing, it would be amazing to see how the app designs and everything evolves. I know that the Byte team is going to evolve as the years are coming by. I love the app and I’m stoked to create more content on the app.

On the note: it’s amazing that there are people that actually worked on Vine, hopefully one day I could see this app fashionable / Trending as Vine did or Tik Tok that literally it’s the copy of Vine.