'Who Were The Byte Partners?' - Full Series

For anyone who is interested in who the Byte partners were and what their content was, below is all five parts of my ‘Byte Partner’ series that I’ve been posting for the last 5 days. Hope you enjoy it and please go support them on Byte or elsewhere :heart:

I’m not trying to be annoying with the whole thing, I just genuinely want some of these people, especially the small creators or creators who were big elsewhere but small on byte, who were never promoted or recognized for being a partner to get some attention before everyone moved on. They have art that needs to be shared & a world they invite you to explore through their content, and I guarantee someone on that list will enrich your life experience through their creative expression. It’s been so fun for me to work with these people. For everyone who’s already successful or does this for a job, so glad you took the time to be here & I’m a huge fan of all your work, and for everyone else I can’t wait to see all the cool things you do with your voice & vision. Byte and the community was blessed to have you.

Part 1: https://byte.co/@senorpequenos/9SDQohAtlKd
in order of appearance: @blakekathryn @The_Ginger @erma.fiend @Fookedonhonix @pesfilm @kenkat101 @galaxydurag @gland @Jaurshe @zachking @jjjjjohn @claydohboon @kwrrk @onkelchrispy @slimjimstudios @tomshea

Part 2: https://byte.co/@senorpequenos/20Xfu7qgazC
in order of appearance: @Miaraba @Jbell @CarolClevelandSings @electronicant78 @charliewilson @coolman_coffedan @jenandkat @Super @teganbrie @stephtaylerlive @yeahimtrey @bails @BriskGod @gopysyk @Lacieyl @LukaBigPants

Part 3: https://byte.co/@senorpequenos/8l7tAB2S0XI
in order of appearance: @Blvckaladdin @brockbaker @thecatholicchurch @Bwise @MaxKnoblauch @nina @chancecrimin @jprince @Maddy_lions @naturalexample @FolksLoveAK @zachpiona @kellyyapster @Foxy

Part 4: https://byte.co/@senorpequenos/B4XpktUwi5f
in order of appearance: @AmericasComic @benseesthings @adler @ByrnesEffect @chadjamian @chrismelberger @ConvincingHorse @jcyrus @jellyjhar @KaylaGarner @lilgute @mynameiskawena @PunkAndAlcohol @shaliek @shannele @shaquille @SunnyMabrey

Part 5: https://byte.co/@senorpequenos/3iUjmxO4zzL
in order of appearance: @samcahnruns @nay-yelling @cowabunga @mauro @kevinsaxbyy @victorpopejr @satturnny @senorpequenos @trconrady @RexTestarossa @Bout_seven @aaronchewning @rachelauriemma @ericvdunn


Thank you so much for doing this, man.


Thanks for showing us this I really got to know everyone way better and better understand how truly amazing you guys are! I hope the byte team can do something amazing for you guys again because you guys deserve a lot!


Thank you so much for making these, we can tell you poured a lot of time and heart into them! You’re always so tremendously encouraging to everyone in the Byte community, thank you for your kindness. It was a wonderful experience getting to be a part of this program with you and all of these amazing creators! :heart:


this is great, and really heartwarming - thanks, man.