Who We Are

You know, when YouTube or Instagram or Facebook or vine came out, it didn’t blow up in its first week. There was a collective community that put passion into that particular platform, but I remember YouTube to be a place with very short and weird videos and it didn’t serve as big of a purpose back then. Now it’s the biggest source of entertainment of any genre that anyone can watch for free. When YouTube did gain massive attention from the public, all of the original content creators were given massive audiences that really impacted their lives. When vine blew up, it was the same deal. People who were simply happy making content on their own were not only getting more views then they could imagine, but they were getting sponsored from name brand companies and getting paid from it. Even when vine died those same creators went to Instagram or YouTube and still had massive success

The point of this recap is to show how people like David dobrik or Pewdiepie or Logan Paul got to where they are now: hard work, but mostly having a passion for making content on their designated platform.

We can be the next wave. We can be those same creators who could say they were there day one.

I believe byte to be a true successor to vine. All we have to do is spread the news and make quality over quantity content.

I just hope my vids don’t flop, ya feel :sob:



:+1:great speech…now gimme my soapbox back. :triumph:


I’ve been on the forums forever and it’s been a blessing meeting everyone.
I hope to collab with all you unique snowflakes when the app drops. lol


You work hard, not stupid though. Remember to not burn yourself out, or stress yourself out to a point you’re doing logan paul japan shit. Stay classy, stay entertaining, and you will get places.


Gotta grind & grind and grind !!! For-real :slight_smile: