Who wants to join an oevo engagement group!

I’m down if you all are. When/If V2 comes back we would all have established groups/ followers. With the postponing of V2 we can expect OEVO to rise in popularity. ITS A DECENT APP IF YOU HAVE THE LATEST UPDATE ON YOUR PHONE!!!

Drop your usernames!!!

Might even create an Instagram group chat or something to help us all grow!!! We need to start following our dreams NOW instead of waiting for V2. V2 was never going to make us popular or successful, we can only control how successful we are. The ball is in our court now!


Switched to YT&other services! Engagement groups are a good idea though for whoever goes on the app!


Ayye should we host it on nstagram?

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Sure man!

My instagram is @tyrellangusss . Add me to the instagram group if you guys make one :smile:

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Yea sure think man! We can use the forum as a launching pad to online success!!!

Done and added u both @Tyrellv2 @LukeGonsalves

just for oevo? or youtube, instagram engagement group as well?

It’ll get messed up and not efficient

Instagram and OEVO will be the main ones bud! :smiley:

insta: @ifeanyiumez

hey guys add @oevo they real oevo team are very supportive and listen! They added all the edits i told them a month ago! and even featured me once :slight_smile:

insta & twitter: @Sucratics

I’ll join as well, @dej0ur is my ig

Add ME pleaseee ig: @isabelroobles

I’m in.

Oevo: Jeyka
Instagram: jayx_kaz


We are adding people right now! Slots are limited and we ensure we will be an active engagement group!


Im so In!!! Instagram: @jack_leblach

oevo: profan1ty
instagram: profanity.official
lets go entertain bois…
ah fuck im not too late am i

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My Oevo is rockypond and my insta is @rocky_pond

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