Who wants to be buds when we get the app!?!

So I just noticed that some of the popular topics were made by users at the beginning of the year who are currently inactive now, which is kind of bothering me with people still replying to these old topics that the original user doesn’t see bc they don’t use the forum anymore.

So in light of that, I would like to create a NEW and much more recent topic for currently active forum users to use and reply to.

Now who wants to be buddies when Dom releases the app? Drop what your username is going to be and I’ll make a list of ur names in my notes so I can add you guys when we get the app. Mine will be @jackiealtenor :slight_smile:

(Yes i am aware that there is a topic about this and that i should search before creating a new one to prevent spam, but the topic is outdated and people don’t post on it for months at a time. I dont necessarily know which category this is so if you happen to know what this falls under, please fix it for me.)


“syd” will be my name hopefully. but id love to!




@Denny i think


What will your @name be? @Zooply ?


@J-Swizzle no idea

Yes I’m one of these people but I came back cuz things getting real now :star_struck: (@Super :star_struck: everytime I see that emoji I think of you :joy:) I need an OG username maybe @B :man_shrugging:

sure! my name will be @ife or @ifewtf

I would love to get @Arman or @Grey
Anyways. Sure, why not!

Mine will be @Ramo hopefully

Meeee my username will most likely be NightmareRo cuz that’s me on pretty much every platform :grin:

Mine would the thefeistyone. Or I will just use my name. Count me in. :facepunch:


Ok. I will be iaa on there. See ya!


Mine will be antinnyworld, and heck yeah I wanna be buds when the app comes out!! Anyone else who wants to be buds just let me know and I’ll write down your username! :slight_smile:

I’ll probably have the same username I have here :smiley: definitely want to be buds when the app come out :smile:


I’m gonna be called ‘Ani’


Mine is going to be @mabesquinn definitely going to be looking for a byte fam

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Ok my name would be @lxnria