Who wants be be friends :)

since V2 is coming out in future (@dom we need answers) i throught it would be nice to have some friends with who i should kick off when :vine: comes!
Y’all are welcome say hi here, or
:instagram: @dangerous.gita

Here’s some posts to meet new people :slight_smile:


Theres a thread for thishere

You can follow/talk to me here:

Twitter: GemTollerfield
Instagram: gemtollerfield

how do you do block quotes like that

I did but I forgot lmao

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You simply copy the link to a post and then just paste it in the textbox then the block quote pops up. If you use the hyperlink button then it turns a specific word into a hyperlink which is what you have been doing.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yep, you’re welcome Alex!

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Me just message me on Instagram: miguel_mend97 and Twitter: miguel977men

Thanks for the help on this too

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If you guys like fandom edits, follow me on instagram @voluted.mp4 . Almost to 1k :smile:

you can talk to me on my instagram! @avertspolksen looking forward to making new friends and being creative on v2 :hugs:

We should mkre an instagram group chat

The more of us together the better chance we will have a succeeding

Sure, I would love to be friends with all of you! :smiley: