Who should I follow on TikTok

Who should I follow in TikTok

This was a joke lmao. But thank Faizal, if I do get TikTok I’ll save your recommendations

Never heard of it… my byte has better content: @jkarstadt :wink:


idk, but definitely you should follow me on byte lol Pradeep on app

You can find me Byte :pleading_face:

People on Byte don’t like TikTok - I’m indifferent about it :blush:


Person: Hey, let me know some tiktokers I should follow
yall: FoLLoW mE on ByTe

Heres some ppl I really enjoy on tiktok: strawhatdan, lastmanstanley, nicemichael, saydenseay, hamzahthefantastic, chrisudalla, dailyeffects :eyes:, jaimesoliz


bro follow me on byte doe ahahaha you definitely asked for my username right


Lmao y’all fell for it it was a joke

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Thanks Faizal I’m kinda joking kinda no. I’m gonna take these into account and send these to one of my friends

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