Who’s still here since the beginning of the forum?

I joined February 1st

The more I log in here the more hype I get

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i’m still here

Joined at the start, checked forum obsessively for first few weeks, got disheartened when the project was put on hold, checked back in after a while and was just in time for the beta post. Now I’m back to obsessive checking!

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Still here :sunglasses:

how do i sign up for beta, i havent been on the forums for a couple of months, can any1 help?

I guess I would count but havent been active since like a couple of days ago

Sadly, you can’t any longer, but you could get invited by someone on the future. You can also head to our forum’s official Discord:

Here we talk on a daily basis, we make friends, give ideas, we even lv up! How amazing? And on the future me and some others will be giving away some beta invites. Have fun!

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How do we apply for the beta i need to knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Sign ups already happened. But there might be another one in the future! So make sure you stick around :slightly_smiling_face:



oof :heart:

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Here since the start! Im sad I missed sign ups for beta but im grateful for 5000 amazing repliers. <3



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Hello all! Signed up in the beginning! Was super excited to hear about v2. Missed a lot of the forum activity since a few months back. Just saw v2 pop up in Android Play Store and downloaded it. Is this the legit one? Is it officially released now? sorry for my ignorance but if it is then great!

nope that is a fake one, there are rumours saying they hack peoples Instagram and facebook or whatever u use to sign up with

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damn, Really? Nick Colletti and all these previous vine stars are all on there posting new vids.

Thanks for the heads up dude! Ive gone ahead and deleted my account on it and changed my passwords on FB and IG.

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wow really? maybe it isn’t actually him. i saw a fake account was posing as an actor posting old videos. but yeah dom told us it isn’t him. they’re phony.

see: Fake V2 App! (October)

no problem! :slight_smile: