Who’s better Lebron James or Kevin Durant?

I think Lebron James is better

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Lebron James man, I support my Ohioians

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Yes i think the same, Lebron James

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Lebron James all the way Darling :heart:

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LeBron. I’d even take LeBron over Jordan.

Nah man. The best 23 to ever play the game is Draymond Green. Smh. Better than LeBron and the reason KD went to Golden State. Plus Jordan wouldn’t be able to score on him. Draymond Green. Retire the 23 across the whole NBA. :raised_hands::basketball:



Warriors fan here and I think LBJ is the better player

This is always a battle in my mind. Right now I think KD.

Imma say Lebron cuz of that one v*ne :heh:

I am better

Lebron James

I guess Lebron is good at PG n Durant’s good at SG. But crap if Lebron does the SG I’m pretty sure he’ll be better than KD :)))) KING