Who remembers Cheez?

Like maybe most byters before byte came out I tried posting skits and stuff to different apps over the years. I’ve tried it all youtube, instagram, twitter, even fucking tik tok but by far the weirdest one was Cheez. That app had more pedophiles and pre teens than any other app I’ve ever been on. Probably because those two groups were the only ones on the app, and then there was me the 15 year old trying to go viral with cringy dark humor and horribly timed skits. Looking back there’s probably a reason I didn’t go viral… Well recently I got nostalgic and decided to go back and check out my old account just to find out that they completely abandoned the app. you can still download it but it’ll crash the second you open it and apparently they haven’t updated their website since 2018.

So basically my question is if you used the app whats the weirdest thing you saw on there? or pretty much any funny/weird story you remember is good too.


Yeah idk what happened or why they shut down but i heard if it. Never used it but hurt it was pretty similar to vine but also similar to tiktok. :thinking: i think Roman Atwood was also in the app. I remember they had a dance type of thing as well.