Who Plays Fortnite? [50 v 50 v2]

So the new Fortnite update with 50 v 50 version 2 just released, and I wanna know if anyone wants to join me.

My epic games username: playboichetoo

(i play on pc, but cross platform is also available)

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I’ve never played it :upside_down_face: am I the only one? :joy:

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Okay 50 v 50 v2 sucks

No a lot of people haven’t played it

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Nearly won my first solo last night but I came second, I suck

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Update: I came second 3 times today :joy: I can’t get that last kill

I like it

I just got off from playing it on mobile and my team on 50 v 50 was getting butchered LMAO we lost big time

I usally run 30-45fps in game but as son as I get in the cirole HELLO 3 FPS. The old one was better

I have, I got a John Wick skin

oh hey jenn hows it hanging

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50 on 50 is the bomb


lowkey jealous of ur dubs tbfh

I’m just jealous of your John Wick skin

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