Who Misses the Featured Hashtag Section?

I do :pleading_face:

I liked how we got to see everyone’s own version of the same topic.

Do you want to see Featured Hashtags come back? Why?

If not, why?


It was definitely fun. I wonder what the hold up has been about :neutral_face:


I liked it. I don’t like it when they change fast because I won’t get a video done on time. I’d like to see more variety of them when I watch. I saw a lot of the same people. Seems like a great way to find new people.


Not me. I’d rather not know what the topic is as I make it… usually about halfway into post I know what’s going on


I miss them. Community-wide events that promotes creativity around a single idea and ultimately, unity among creators

They actually HELP creators who may have writers block or be in a creative funk

I just assumed there haven’t been any worthwhile hashtags in a while.


Wait did they announce that they were actually scrapping these? It was an awesome way to get the community to engage and connect by using a prompt to get everyone on the same topic.

With that said, I’m going to get real for a second. I don’t think most byte users know that you can engage and do things like this without being prompted to. When you see a video Or hashtag you like, you can do your own take on it, tag the original person and show them some love, and maybe it ends there or maybe other people want to do it the way you did. I’ve seen post on the forums about “where are the byte memes and viral things”… there aren’t any if people don’t share or hype or imitate the stuff they like. And you don’t have to do it with the intention of going viral. Have fun and share stuff you like!

Vine is my reference point for a lot of things about what I like about this kind of app, and vine never had a featured topic. But that didn’t stop trends from popping up all over the place. #dieseljeans


No official comment from em’ but I agree it was an awesome feature to engage with the community. I’m pretty sure this was a test but this could also mean this is a sign.

Dom mentioned there will be three major changes. Duration of the videos (16 sec), not interested button, and last hasn’t been announced. (my theory is that there will be a major change in explore page, redesign or maybe add a contest… who knows, I’ll say time will tell when they officially make the announcement)

Lets keep our finger crossed they return this and not jump to conclusions…picture this,


they’re not gone forever, but in most cases we felt they were just amplifying the sweat so we’ll use them more sparingly going forward


The sweat???


Amplifying the sweat




My guess is he means the pressure to have to do a specific hashtag.


I like the random pop up hashtag.

But I also like the idea of giving a heads up for an upcoming hashtag so that creators can put something together. Especially for art or animation-that’s. It sometimes got frustrating to see a great idea, and then by the time I’d have a byte ready, it was already over.


picture this,

amplifying the sweat.



“Amplify the sweat” sounds like a quote for a Nike shirt :joy:


I don’t know if there is a remedy for that. People shouldn’t feel like they NEED to post on every single one but there’s so much FOMO for not posting


I am missing it. It was an awesome way to see how different minds come up with different skits off the same idea. Pretty fun thing.


I see “the sweat” being more on the side of creating the hashtag that trends, and not so much the outside involvement within said hashtag (though, they do go hand-in-hand) - this, considering the reason why the featured hashtag section got scrapped so quickly after the blatant abuse exercised in becoming one of the featured.

Personally, I think having featured hashtags can be a boon to anyone who wants to be creative but doesn’t know where to start. Oh, #KathyBatesFromMisery is a thing? Well, I know a certain Maroon 5 song I can use to make this my most-liked post to-date! To your point, there is a “FOMO” to not posting, but I feel having featured tags helps quash that by providing something to possibly contribute to your thread and to the community aspect.

Unfortunately, we do have those bad actors out there who will manipulate the system for their own, weird personal gains. And thus we currently don’t have such a feature.


I miss them a lot, but assumed they were scrapped until they could implement something to stop miss-categorizing. Unfortunately, because these were novel and short lived, people posted ANYTHING in those categories to get more traction.

I want these limited categories back soo bad. They were a great way to discover new people, they really amped the feeling of being part of a community (and a creative community at that), and they were a good way to be discovered by new people as a creator.

But I also understand that they are gone because half the time they made me incredibly happy, and half the time I found myself slogging through bad content clearly made only to cash in more views with no regard for quality or for it actually fitting the theme.


I 100% agree with @Jeridiculous & @m3jcnv. There were days where I was struggling to think of a post for that day & the featured hashtag or theme saved me. Generally they are easy to jump on and you can see everyone’s spin on it. Maybe a weekly one would be a good schedule. Then everyone is hyped for whatever the new tag will be on the day its scheduled to drop.


Oof I’m against the idea of a “scheduled” hashtag.

Memes and trends are organic. They cannot be forced otherwise they just come across as inauthentic.

If we scheduled hashtags there would also be less incentive and urgency; people would just wait for the next one if they know when to expect it.

I think we should all just keep an eye out and pay attention for emerging trends and to not shy away from adopting and remixing other people’s ideas to showcase and develop our own styles.