Who made content in the old V*ne app?

Yep i think the same, People talk about being famous but not about being successful. The famous YouTubers always tell that they didnt want to be famous they only did it for a hobby. Fame came but they never expected it.


Had a couple of follows and loops but I was super late to the party :slight_smile:

It’s great to have an audience but there is a such thing as trying too hard to become famous and fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. To be quite honest. I only had 24k followed and I would get harassed in my home town. I could only imagine how those with more followers felt.

If you don’t mind me asking, what happened? I can’t imagine someone recognizing you from the app and being a dick out of the blue.

Uh what a horrible situation, what were you doing to be famous?

Nah. I wasn’t doing anything to be famous. I just came to vine as a creative outlet. I just so happen to gain followers naturally.

I wouldn’t say that they were dicks. I would just say that a lot of these people lack boundaries. There would be times when I would go somewhere or people would come into my job and try to talk to me (I was a barista) but I couldn’t really talk and they’d either get mad at me or stick around and continue to try to hold conversation when I’m trying to work.

That, or they would forcefully throw themselves next to me and shove their cameras in my face.

The entire time, I’m just sitting back like… bruh. I’m legit a normal person. I don’t even have that many followers like talking about. Why are you doing the most?

On a flip note, I had a bunch of my followers DM’ing me. A lot of them would be younger people who struggled with their sexual orientation and would reach out for guidance on how to come out or when they should come out because they knew I came out at a young age of 14. That was probably my favorite part about having a slight following. Just realizing the small things that could help someone grow as an individual.


how long did it take u to get to 24k? did u do comedy

yo dude how long did it take ya to get to 100k i just checked out ur vines they hillarious

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Lol. I vined from 2013 and then stopped making content regularly in about 2015. Following was stagnant after that.

Wow your reply was on point!! Thanks for this :two_hearts:

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Oh wow, that’s weird.

hmm… hard to remember exactly but it was in late 2014 if I remember right? So a little over a year! :blush:

Content creator here. Had ~3K followers and 1.3M loops. Enjoyed it greatly. Looking forward to v2!

I made a few vines, started enjoying it but then it got shut down :confused:

I did.  

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when i was a teen, i did, sadly. it was cringey and i deleted them after they accumulated a couple thousand loops. i regret it, but thankfully i had like two followers so it’s all good.


I did. Created original content and also posted sports highlights. Enjoyed it very much.