Who is your favorite singer and what is your favorite song?

Do you like a rapper? A singer? My favorite singer is Ariana Grande and I can’t decide on my fav song. Reee

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An Ariana grande Stan I see :eyes:

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@AIexander Looks like you know de wae my bruddah… am I too late for this meme :joy:?

This should be changed to off topic.

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Done. (Changed to off topic.) :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


I have many favorite musicians, especially Rappers. I gonna name a few: The Game, 50 Cent, Dr.Dre, Maitre Gims, Hannibal, Xatar, SSIO, Mosh36, Future, Migos, and many many more…

But Talking to my Dairy from Dr.Dre (Compton album) is still one of my favorite songs of all time.

My favourite singer is Beyoncé ever since I’ve been little a girl :girl:t6:

And my all time favourite song is All my life by K-Ci and Jojo :sob:

Probably Lady Gaga

Favorite artist is Juice WRLD, rn my favorite song is either UCLA by RL Grime or Water by Lil Ray