Who is your favorite influencer?

I would have to go with Casey Neistat or Gary Vaynerchuk. They just know whats up.

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Nikki Lauda , Eddie the eagle and Logan Paul

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Logang for Life At last found a Logangster

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Learn everyday may…


Hey could like one of my posts

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Logan paul i guess

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Yep still has so many fans even after that video, ridiculous

If your fave influencer is Logan Paul you might wanna reconsider making videos on this app, he’s incredibly disrespectful and just doesn’t care about what he’s done

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Ikr! Ps. That sorry video :joy::joy::joy::joy:

So forced it made me cringe

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Hahahah same. And even after that trying to make it right by supporting a suicide organisation

Yeah you can see that in his new vlog

Mine is Liza Koshy

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Yes true! :joy: He is a legend, even with the world against him, and no videos for a month, je still gained 1m followers :joy: who does this ?! :joy:

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Bwahahahah :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Yes, but he made 1 act, it’s not like, during all his life he did do bad stuff. And I mean his vines and instagrams where good, you can’t forget this!

Hey man you have a member level …how do i get that?

But it’s not just the one thing he did. He’s been consistently disrespectful in the Japan blogs, and to other people. But you’re your own person, I can’t decide who influences you, but I can disagree with what you think about him :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yes I’m okay with that, I just think everybody is about the Pauls, but in reallity, everybody does it…