Who is who?

Why did they make the app vine in your opinion and who was the one to create the idea in the first place .


I think it was to test the limits of creativity through limited app features and create a social environment that doesn’t feel like its ridiculously huge and maybe make people feel like they have more social access to people in differebt situations? I mean i have more ideas but to keep it short


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I think Dom wanted to make a social media app maybe for fun or something idk wasnt there lol. But got more into it as he went on and got friends to help out and then wanted it to be successful and well the rest is history. Now he has that same passion to get back to that happiness he had of :vine: :aww:


I think it was just a cool new way for people to make videos that had a time limit of only 6 seconds so you had to be creative in a different sense than any other app before


someone thought it was a cool idea to make and then from there it became this interent culutural phenomon we know today