Who is watching Super Bowl LII now?

How is the atmosphere in the USA? How was the match previewed? In my country there is not much spirit hahaha But people watch it and are interested.

Who wins?

  • New England Patriots
  • Philadelphia Eagles

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Go Patriots :muscle:t3::heart::blue_heart:

Meee… But Only to watch the halftime show. I have a eagles jacket tho.

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Pats!!! :laughing:

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Mostly watching it for the Tide commercials right now tbh

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Hahaha :laughing:

Oh no not tide :laughing:

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I’m waiting for JT!

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OF COURSE EAGLES WTH hahah, my team is Denver broncos.

Im going for eagles tonight :eagle:



Almost there…

Shhhh tommsy Eagles are the best well the best are broncos but secondly best are the eagles

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Hummm :thinking: I dont think so hahaha

High five :raised_hand: :eagle:

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Yes sr!!! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2: :eagle: :eagle:

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