Who is v2 's competitor?

When v2 comes out, is it gonna be a competitor to other apps such as Like, Musical.ly, Instagram ? What are your thoughts on this?
Also I just upload a new video (I think right time to plug-in my YT) Check it out: https://youtu.be/ZvDKvMZTvOE


i feel like v2 will be completely different to other apps.

isn’t it already out?

No it is not

I’ve been on it all day. it’s got the v2 logo and I’ve uploaded 5 different videos in the past two days.

That is a fake app.

uh oh. haha this is why I clicked this thread, a lingering uncertainty that that was the case.

There will probably be a slight competition but so many artists have been waiting for v2 that it won’t be worth competing with. I think once it releases and the youtube compilations start getting uploaded v2 will grow FAST

It would probably just compete with vine’s success

I think with Instagram and YouTube as they’re both video sharing platforms which allow you to make money from posting content.

Yeah It kinda seperates itself from Instagram because of the time limit. If dom were to add stuffs like filters and, I just hope it wont be too much because then, it would look alot closer to Like the App. or Musically.

Instagram is everyone’s competitor bc it’s insanely aggressive with shutting other apps down that challenge them through updates and additional features

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Probably no competition since it’s completely unique from other social media sites but I may say Instagram because of the longer length

We dont know yet, but i think that Instagram

No-one yet, no doubt when v2 is launched loads of similar apps will come out (Nowhere near as good of course :wink: )

V2 is gonna be a banger compared to this crumby Snapchat update

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Nothing quite compares to V2 but the closest would probably be YouTube or Instagram.