Who is the true vegan?

Who is the vegetarian?
The one who eats vegetables.
The one who eats eggs and says he/she is a vegan.
The one who eats Fish etc.

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I’m a true chickentarian

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Savage :joy:

Sounds new to me :open_mouth:

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Vegetarian: no meat. Will eat dairy, and eggs.

Ovovegetarian: no meat, no dairy, will eat eggs.

Lactovegetarian: no meat, no eggs, will eat dairy products.

Vegan: no animal products period.

Pollotarians will eat chicken or other birds,

Pescatarians will eat fish and other sealife.

Then you have the coined “flexitarian” who are mostly vegan/vegetarian/ whatever else is here, but will stray off of it whenever they feel like it.

And again these can also be mismatched. You can have a pollo-lacto-vegetarian, and ecetera.


A consumer that eats no animal products is a vegan. Vegetarians vary in their subset of diet restrictions; some eat eggs or poultry, others stick with fish or marine foods (there are official names, I just get them confused from time to time)

** ultimately what @LeaElizabeth mentioned above,
since she posted before me and I didn’t read it until I finished :sweat_smile:


Sorry, I beat ya to it :joy::joy:

It is a bunch of terms, Im just friends with a whole bunch of vegans/vegetarians so its just ingrained in my head.

Some people will argue true vegans wont use ANY animal products or animal tested products either, not just in diet. So no leather, soaps made with milks or animal fats, or animal tested, ect. Which can be… really hard and expensive.


That last part you mentioned refers to a moral vegan, since they take their vegan diet and turn it into a lifestyle (and it definitely is harder to accomplish). I can level with them, since our consumer market is flawed and needs to be more responsible with the types of products that are advertised/purchased

I’ve done research on veganism for a college course a couple years ago, so it’s definitely something I find intriguing :smile:


Yeah… I got it now :grin: I heard that the people who eat fish, were found to be more intelligent than others :thinking: :thinking: @DatKidMolly

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The Omega fatty acids in fish help brain development / performance, so there is some validity in that :blowfish:

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Tbh, I think that’s true :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:


Wooowww! :open_mouth::blush:

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The city (Mangalore) where I live is famous for fish and it is said that, Mangalore has more intelligent people than some other cities.
Why don’t you visit Mangalore once? :thinking: You can find different species of fish here… :grin:

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Vegetarians dont eat meat and Vegans do not eat any product from an animal, for example eggs, cheese or milk

Ooo interesting, maybe I will visit

I want to be vegetarian but my parents won’t let me try it, and it’s also generally very difficult for someone like me .-. I should probably try and go veggie at some point though

I’ve tried veganism for two weeks to see if I could pull it off, and I was quite satisfied with my health and everything. However, I live in a family that thinks it’s crazy; this set me up for failure whenever I’m around them.

Fortunately, I’ve taken some steps to working around that: I’ve stopped eating pork completely, included more fruits, veggies and nuts in my diet, and always stocked up on whatever vegetarian / vegan products and meals I find at the grocery. This is what helps me, and I hope this can help you if you plan on switching to Vegan


Once I finally break away from my family I am going to be at least 90% vegan. I highly understand the logistical viewpoints of veganism, and whether or not you deem it “okay” to eat animals (food chain, ect.), the way theyre treated in the meat industry is really bad. And on top of that, all the waste associated with how much animals we harvest globally, and the environmental impacts are huge as well.

It’s sad a lot of people cant learn about anything regarding veganism/vegetarianism without immediately jumping to “lol bacon”. Theres a lot of really good points on how even cutting our red meat production by half can GREATLY improve the environment AND our health.

(But yeah, I love talking about it from all viewpoints, its one of my favorite debate topics, when everyone can be civil about it.)


Cannot agree more. And I’m taking a nutrition course for my last semester, so it’ll be cool when I start discussing veganism (i like talking about this stuff, too :smile:)


I love hearing all of this positivity around vegetarian and veganism on this thread, because most of what I hear on the daily basis is negative.

I have been fully vegetarian (for moral reasons) since I was 11. Halfway through, I wanted to become hardcore vegan, but my doctor advised against it because I had a lot of health problems and I was severely anemic. (None of my issues were from becoming vegetarian, my health actually improved from my diet change).

Since then, my anemia has gotten way better and I only eat milk or eggs only twice a week (bought from places that don’t abuse their animals) along with supplements. So diet restrictions are a good reason for not being able to convert.

It is also hard if you live somewhere where you do not have access to fresh vegetables or food that does not contain animal products, by that I mean food deserts and lower income neighborhoods (i relate bro, i lived them majority of my life before now), so it’s understandable if one can not become vegan or vegetarian because of the lack of resources and they should not be shamed for it either.

Then there’s the culture where you’re from. Where my family is from, it is unheard of to not eat meat with every meal unless you’re in lent. So for the first three years I had my gran trying to sneak meat into my food, so I just started cooking for myself until my family finally accepted it 2/3 years in.

I’m glad so many people are taking it up, and so happy to see it’s becoming mainstream (that’s a first). So keep up the good work! It’s a lovely health-style and it supports the environment and saves animals :slight_smile:

(this is my opinion/my view on the topic, if you eat meat, fine, doesn’t bother me, i won’t push my beliefs on you, have a nice day ^-^)