~Who is ready for the Winter Olympics!~

I haven’t seen anyone mention the Olympics yet on here. Might as well! Who else is super excited for them! Febuary 8th guys, its super close!
Just curious,
•What country are you supporting.
•What sport is your favourite this year.

TBH I don’t really particularly care for the Winter Olympics but each to their own. Wait except bob sledding THAT is a GREAT sport- I’ve watched cool runnings too many times

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Ah man. Okay I have to agree that bobsledding is SUPER cool to watch!

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I mostly watch every other major sport event except the winter olympics,but might try it this year,who knows :thinking:

I think you should. I always love watching the games

I like the winter olympics! I feel like they’re more… chill… but most people don’t really watch them I think. I love the snowboarding sports because I’ve gone snowboarding a couple of times and idk how tf they even jump tbh

Nice pun😂. And yeah. I wish more people would watch them. They are honestly so awesome and amazing to watch. Snowboarding is my favourite part of it. Jumps are insane

Waiting for it very eagerly

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Heck yeah

I love anything and everything about the Olympics, both summer and winter, so you can bet that I’ll be watching as close as I can get to every single second of these games. Too bad there are only so many hours I can watch every day due to college but still… I’m so pumped :muscle:

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Heck yeah man! Im gonna watch it closely. I feel ya with college getting in the way. Ill make time though

Of course I will be cheering for the USA! As for my favorite sport, I think I’m going to go with luge because I have been fascinated in it since Inwas a child. To be honest, I’ve never really watched the Olympics outside of the opening ceremony :slight_smile:

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The real question is, Who saw the USA Olympic Parkas?

I’d pay good money for a designer parka that’s lightweight and has a custom heat control app…

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USA! Luge looks pretty cool. Never watchhed it. Mainly snowboarding

Ok i saw those! THEY ARE SO COOL. Probably super pricey thoughhh. Id pay for them though. So intensely cool

I’d spend as much as needed to get one of those. :joy:

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Gah, I love it. It always makes me feel like I can strap on a pair of ice skates with no experience, go out there, and be angelic. Unfortunately, every winter olympics I am greeted with the cruel reality that I cannot ice skate.

maybe the concussion I get makes me forget that I cant ice skate when the next winter olympics comes around


I know exactly what you mean. Same feeling with snowboarding. Feel like I can go our there. And be the best. And ahh! Thats the worst!