Who is moop?

I know that many are wondering and I found the answer, I took this from a website:


Mooptopia, or Moop for short is an anonymous TikTok user that quickly rose to fame on the social media app.

Gaining 1.3 million followers in just a month, Moop is loved for her random comedic videos and she calls her followers ‘Moops’.

On July 15th, Mooptopia revealed that she’s actually quitting TikTok.

okok so … she gained a lot of followers quickly and curiously abandoned tiktok, and then just over 2 weeks later she reappears in the byte
this is an incredible marketing move, you see: she left several fans who had just discovered her existence behind and now appears in the tiktok competitor
this will cause many of these fans to migrate to the byte, honestly I thought this was great, it’s a new face different from the other tiktokers and that is coming up in a new app. please give a chance :sparkling_heart:

you can read the full story here https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/07/16/who-is-moop/?amp


She still post on tiktok daily she onlyleft for like 48 hours lol

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so the story is outdated :+1:

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Moop is moop we love moop


Well it depends on what you consider important…

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Yes moop is important

That makes that person important to the Byte team and some others but not everyone

moop is really more important than me, I mean, I couldn’t bring so many users to the byte like moop is doing just for being me


Conspiracy theory - she’s a Chinese Communist Party plant!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::cn:

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Yes she is

Oh!! Now I know who she is, I remember reading an article about her a month ago because of her meteoric rise on TikTok, how mysterious she was, and then she just left.

I truly hope that was a fake account and that she wasn’t actually bullied off of Byte, because that would be horrible.


oh tom i also hope it is a fake account… imagine only if byte becomes known for having a community that intimidates new users :(( we know how kind and welcoming the byte community is, I don’t know what happened lol

I’m pretty sure someone with 2.1m followers can handle some criticism, not that I can say I’ve seen bullying of any sorts.

I know it’s impossible for 0 bullying but you get what I’m suggesting

I am moop


Show me your eyes



You’re not moop imposter

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:red_circle::lips::red_circle: <—this is moop

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