Who here likes wrestling, and what is your favorite match and who is your favorite wrestler?

Wrestling is my childhood, Jeff hardy was hand down the most entertaining with the craziest stunts. Also like any match the involves tables, ladders or chairs :eyes: ( also hornsuggle was dope :joy:)

I got to meet hornswoggle chillest guy ever and very cool

Hi. I wrassles. Come see me perform in your town after Corona Time, pls. :hugs:

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My favorite wrestler is @BigKahunaKhan

I haven’t really kept up with the rasslin’ world in the past fifteen years or so, but before that I was one of those kids who adored WCW and, as basic as it may sound, my favorite wrestler was Sting (Crow-ified and hanging out in the rafters). I don’t have a particular match that stands out, as it was so long ago, but I do remember watching two hours’ worth of sports opera madness, just to see a thirty-second whiff of the black-clad wrestler, sometimes in the rafters with an actual crow on his arm or sliding into the ring to hit an opponent with a bat and sliding right back out…

Oh, those were the days.

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