Who here likes wrestling, and what is your favorite match and who is your favorite wrestler?

  1. I love wrestling, it is a disease, I haven’t been watching quarantine shows because they bum me out.
  2. CM Punk/Cena MITB 2011
  3. CM Punk.

Love wrestling, my first ever passion in anything. Chris Jericho is my all time fave because I remember absolutely HATING him as a kid and as I got older and understood the scripted nature of it all, I grew to appreciate Chris Jericho with a different perspective.

Punk vs Cena MITB 2011 was an amazing match cos of the brilliant pipebomb build up

Taker vs HBK WM 25 was literally perfect and imo a better match (not a better story) than their WM 26 rematch

And another fave is probs Omega vs Okada


Eddie Guerrero (RIP), Chris Benoit (what he did was terrible), and the undertaker were my favourites.
I…uh…got in trouble as a child for violence so my parents didn’t let me watch wrestling for quite some time and I’ve only just started to get into it after like 10 years not watching but I’m loving Bayley.


He’s in my top three. I’m obsessed with the idea of “cheat to win” and adapt a good-faith version of that philosophy as my personal mantra because I’m a man-child.

Basically, to remind myself to take care of myself.


@BigKahunaKhan perfect thread for you :eyes:

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did you watch the Vice documentary on Benoit :pensive: the man was destroyed so badly

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His brain had the same level of atrophy and damage as somebody in a later stage of dementia.
He should have received proper treatment, and WWE should have acknowledged what wrestling had done to him, instead of acting like he didn’t exist.


the wellness checks that came after didn’t help wrestlers either

:confused: i miss him and eddie

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Favorite wrestlers: Bruiser Brody, Tetsuya Naito, Willie Mack, Broken Matt Hardy, Terry Funk, The Lucha Brothers, and…New Jack.

Favorite Matches:
All-time: Terry Funk v. Cactus Jack IWA King of Deathmatch '95,
Technical: Omega v. Okada II: Dominion 2017 (NJPW)
Intergender: Pentagon Jr. v. Kairi Hojo, Io Shiari, Mayu Iwatani (Lucha Underground)
Storytelling: WALTER v. Pete Dunne (NXT Takeover NY)

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I started this thread entirely because of seeing your screen name in another thread.

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Hah! I’ve been a wrestling fan on and off since the 80s. It’s my guilty pleasure.

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I…uh…got in trouble as a child for violence so my parents didn’t let me watch wrestling for quite some time

If you are willing to share, I’d like to hear this tale.

So, I was suspended a couple times in like, the third grade for being unnecessarily aggressive to outright violent.

The first suspension. So, in physical education we did this thing where we wrote anonymous compliments about our classmates on a index card with their names on it. Somebody had wrote on this kid Christopher’s that they thought he was cute. I wasn’t the one who wrote it, but he got it into his head that I was. I was trying to read, an American girl book, to be exact, and he kept on trying to get me to admit it. I told him I wouldn’t, mainly because I didn’t write it, but he wouldn’t drop it. I told him I’d make him leave me alone. He laughed, then tried to get me to admit it again. I kicked him- it wasn’t deliberate aim, but I nailed him in the crotch. I apparently also then closed my book and laughed maniacally as he sunk to the floor.

Second one- this boy named Nathan, grade above me. We were in a class together, as I was in advanced classes, and we were supposed to be quiet. Nathan was not being quiet, and he was also annoying me. I told him to knock it off. I asked the teacher to get him to shut up. He was quiet until the teacher went back to her desk, then started up again. I told him to be quiet or I’d make him. He did not listen. He continued to be noisy. I grabbed the back of his neck and dug my nails in until he stopped making noise. Later on that day, another teacher finds me at recess. Nathan is with them. She has him turn around, and points to the bandaid on his neck. Apparently, he’d gone to the nurse crying about it. Also, apparently, the correct response to the teacher asking me if I had anything to say to him was not “well, I warned him.” Nor was it “well, he needs to be tougher if he wants to be in the navy.”

Final suspension worthy incident- I stabbed a boy named Sean in the crotch with a pencil. I don’t particularly have a story behind this one outside of the fact that we were messing around, I jokingly pointed my pencil there, and he said, “I dare you. Bet you won’t.” I wasn’t about to back down from a dare. He literally asked for it. (Of course, as an adult who’s not a complete sociopath, if somebody dared me to now, I would not.)

There was also the time I put a kid in a headlock for calling me his girlfriend. I held it until he passed out. It it was during lunch and we were far enough away from the teachers and he woke up quickly enough that I didn’t get in trouble for it.

Another incident that occurred was when I broke my best friend’s nose. It was an accident, but she got it into her head that it would be funny to scare me in a fun house at a school fair we had. She hid around the corner, and jumped out at me when I turned it. I had punched her in the face before I realized who it was. Weirdly enough, her mother wasn’t angry at me at all, because at the same fair, I managed to track down and bring back her much younger brother, who’d ran off when she was distracted by the fact her daughter’s nose was bleeding profusely.

My big sibling and I also weren’t allowed to use brooms for some of our childhood because we’d unscrew the heads and quarter staff fight, or recreate lightsaber battles.

I was a child who didn’t understand that the violence on TV was less chaotic and different, and not to be used to deal with annoyances. I’m proud to say the only person I’ve raised my hand against in the last five years was a dude who upskirted me, and I in no way regret that because the police didn’t do anything about it when I reported it, despite it being a felony in Oregon.


“…and that’s the bottom line because @gwynerso said so!”


I love wrestling been watching it before I could even Speak basically I have a lot of favorites like muta liger Chris Benoit even if what he did was wrong the man delivered in the ring punk RVD Terry funk Tommy dreamer raven edge the list goes on as for my top five matches it goes
1.Brusier brody vs abdulla the butcher
2.ev2 vs fortune
3.muta vs liger
4.undertaker vs triple h in the end of an era
And for number 5 perhaps another great way to end a long rivalry
5.raven vs Tommy dreamer at hardcore justice back in 2011

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Also I was in a backyard schoolyard wrestling circuit when I was younger an I got to keep the world title I won and never lost 11 years is a long reign as champion lol

GLOB (gorgeous ladies of byte [wrestling])

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Also did you guys know that David Benoit Chris’s eldest son is blacklisted from wwe

I used to own a toychest filled with wrestlers half of them were broken but i still used the as injured fighters. I went to see China and Triple H when i was a kid. I believe they had China in a cage connected to the ceiling. I had got a foam middle finger since Stone Cold Steve austin was my fav wrestler.