Who Here is Gonna Make Some V***s?

Hey y’all! Hype for v2!

I had a question for everyone that’s on the forums so far!

Are any of you planning on making vines frequently on v2? If so, what kind are you thinking of making?

I know on the original app I made a very little amount of vines but with v2 I’d like to make a lot more!

Let everyone know if you’re gonna create on v2 so we can look for you when v2 releases!



I plan on making some vines. I didn’t realize what I missed out on until it was gone. I’ll probably do some funny, some random, and some weird. Basically the definition of my humor. Cheers to V2!

I would love to make videos for v2 and edit them on my pc so I hope we can upload from there :slight_smile:

Probably Edits because I wanna get better at editing!
I saw so many Editors from the old Vine and they inspired me to start editing.
I’m so hyped for v2 :smiley:

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I’m planning on doing just plain weird/funny ones. I wasn’t on the original vine and so I really missed out

I’m considering it. Definetly sounds fun

All kinds. Am I the only one mentally planing future vids :upside_down_face: