Who Has a drone?

Does anyone have a drone? I am looking into upgrading from a tiny basic to the real ones for my projects, know what i am going for but do people have any good advice, tips or what is the best drone?

  • Do you think V2 will be a good place to put spare footage?

I wish, and I am positive V2 would be a good place to put spare footage


I don’t have a drone, but I think DJI has some nice drones where you can mount your phone on :slight_smile:

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A friends of i have one, i think that V2 will be able to everythings

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DJI is what i am looking at

DJI Spark is one of the best drones for it’s prize and size. I use it all the time and take it everywhere and can pretty much fly it anywhere that has an open space.

would you say it is inline with the mavic or p4 camera? haven’t really looked at the smaller ones as its similar to what i have, but with no camera.

The spark is one of the only drones that doesn’t have a 4k camera the spark is currently 1080p but I see no difference considering that not many devices have a 4k capability so you won’t tell the difference.

Fair point Thank you :hugs:

I don’t have one, but I’m looking to get one. I think I’m gonna get the DJI Spark as a first drone. You should watch a couple of Julien Solomita’s videos on YouTube, he’s worked with dji and uses drone shots in some of his videos.
Im thinking of maybe doing drone shots in a couple of V2 videos :grin:

Sounds good

I don’t have one :broken_heart: i came here to say that I want want tho haha

I have a DJI phantom 3 and the video for 2.7k is really good and worth the price