Who else's likes plunged down within the last 3 days

Has this been happening to anyone else? I’m actually curious.

focus on content, not engagement. imo


That’s hard when you get 2 loops per video and those are your own loops


This has been going on since the app launched. We’ve had 3 big influxes: the first was on launch day in January, then the 2 TikTok ban influxes. Each time the number of likes spikes, then gradually dies down again because not all the new people stick around, but some do. A few months ago, before the first TikTok influx, my videos would get 100, maybe up to 200 likes if I was lucky. Now I get about double that. But during the influxes, I could get over 1,000 likes. This is just a normal cycle that will continue until Byte has reached that tipping point of being a very popular app where the influxes will be more of a steady stream.


I barely get 2 likes

During this tiktok ban influx


Thanks it makes way more since now

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During the influx my likes tend to go the opposite direction which is down but my follow count goes up. :man_facepalming: but when things get back to normal my like go up and my follower count sits still. So weird and strange. Mine are very random.

I agree with @Pac about focused on content but also know the motivation goes down for many when they dont hear any feedback. It feels like you are making content for a wall that won’t talk back or see what you are doing.lol


I sense there’s a pattern going on here and I might be somehow involved for some reason :woozy_face::joy_cat:

that sucks

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I doubt posting random memes from the internet will get many likes


Have you seen @memeshop lately, he’s been stacking on 700-1.5k new followers a day, he’ll certainly beat @senorpequenos in 2-3 weeks for sure :joy_cat::joy_cat:

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Only 2k likes / vid lol


Nah, meme reposts aren’t particularly my thing.
Congrats to them tho.

Though, it looks more like 500-1k likes per video, if we’re being nit picky. Which is still very impressive. And unless somebody’s talking about it, we don’t know what their follower count is like.