Who do you guys think will win the Shorty awards?

Any category. I’m just curious who everyone is expecting to win in whatever category. I’m excited!

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Oh if only I knew what that was :joy: I haven’t seen cable/satellite television in awhile nor do I ever listen to the radio

Its like the internet awards basically. You can vote every day! http://shortyawards.com/

Actor - Ansel Elgort
Celeb - Riri
YT of the year - Gabbie Hanna (Gabbie Show)
Snapchatter - Chrissy Teigen

Just a few that I’m thinking of

Philip DeFranco for Creator of the Decade

Dobrik for YT of the year

Vlog Squad for YTteam of the year

Daniel Gonzales for comedy YT of the year (Very underrated)

Jason Nash for Vlogger of the year

Hassan Minaj for comedian of the year

Jordan Peele for Celeb of the year

Big Mouth for TV show of the year (Close between that and Rick and Morty)

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yo no idea @Hhannahhleighh

Liza Koshy or Gabbie Hannah

I want Jenna to win creator of the decade, she deserves it.

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Very trueee

Yes I completely agree she works so hard and is so genuine I’ll be really disappointed if she doesn’t win

Anyone notice how there was no Logan Paul for creator of the year? But still was #1 for almost everything when it comes to Youtube stats.

Wait… so this is like a internet awards? or what is shorty awards? I think I have seen someone talk about before, but not sure.

I hope Finn Wolfhard will win

Yea. They’re awards for internet celebs and other categories. There is a list of genres to vote on.

Ohh thanks! It’s mostly YouTuber I think.