Who are your favorite Youtubers and do you want them to come to V2?

Title is the question

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All of my favorite YouTubers are fellow drag queens. I’d love to see a community of Drag Queens on V2 serving the scene.

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I dont have, Really after everything that’s happening on YouTube, stop watching it

I’m really weird. I like H3H3 and Logan Paul, so I just get hate from everybody.

It’d be funny to see Ethan on V2. I’d say there’s only a 20% he would though. And more like an 80-90% Logan would.

Lol. LP can stay on YT.

We need spotlight if they wasn’t stoopid funny they dont neeed to come back

I think the only reason he would is if the YouTube thing didn’t work out. Either that or he’d go to Instagram.

agreed. honestly, can’t think of any.

Yesss especially the ones from RuPaul’s drag race :joy: even edits will be amazing